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MLW was back from Dallas for episode 96 of Fusion. It featured a heavyweight title fight between Jacob Fatu and Brian Pillman Jr., Richard Holliday declaring himself the Caribbean Champion, and MJF hepped up on caffeine.

On to a recap and review of the show...

Josef Samael talked about Brian Pillman Jr.’s first world heavyweight title fight (against Jacob Fatu). Pillman could dance with destiny or also dance with the Death Squad. Hail, Contra!

Dominic Garrini vs Zenshi

Tom Lawlor entered first for a promo. He was backed by mustachioed muscle. Lawlor’s song might be new, or at least I’m just now aware of it. The lyrics were, “I am going to kill you,” to a slowed down, “We Will Rock You,” beat.

Lawlor wore a Von Erich shirt and mocked the Iron Claw. Fans chanted for him to take off the shirt. Lawlor complied then spit on it and rubbed it on his balls. Lawlor insulted the discount store Von Erichs, Marshall and Ross. Lawlor went out to find real fighters for Team Filthy. Introducing Dominic Garrini.

For the match, Zenshi used his speed and luchador skills, while Garrini focused on snatching a limb for a submission. The top sequence was Zenshi with a running senton then a flipping senton then going for a running shooting star press but Garrini caught him into an arm submission. Zenshi flipped over to escape.

In the end, Garrini hip tossed Zenshi then stomped his arm/shoulder. The referee paused the action to call for medical personnel. While they were inspecting Zenshi, Garrini grabbed him for a judo toss then an armbar. The referee called for the bell and gave the win to Garrini.

.@dgarrinibc showing no mercy slamming @TheAerialArtist down with a Judo throw following up with the "Mighty Mouse!"#MLWFusion on @beINSPORTSUSA

— Major League Wrestling (@MLW) February 9, 2020
After the match, Alicia Atout asked Garrini if he pushed too far. Lawlor answered by referring to Atout as Joe Rogan. Lawlor said that Garrini did nothing wrong. They are martial artists. That is a game of life or death. Zenshi is still alive, so it wasn’t too far. From here on out, no mercy. Lawlor concluded with a hand signal which appeared similar to Pentagon’s Cero Miedo.


Brian Pillman Jr. entered the building and was immediately attacked by Contra’s Death Squad. Luckily for Pillman, Davey Boy Smith Jr. was right behind to fight off the masked men.

Atout interviewed the Dynasty, minus Richard Holliday. MJF was amped up from drinking Holliday’s coffee. It was his first time consuming caffeine. This is worth watching if you missed it.

.@AliciaAtout catches up with the Dynasty ( @TLHT__ @The_MJF @alexhammerstone ) with some news regarding next weeks episode of #MLWFusion all thanks to Richard Holiday’s ( @MostMarketable) lawyer/father.

P.S. Never give MJF any caffeine!!!

— Major League Wrestling (@MLW) February 10, 2020
Alexander Hammerstone had so much scoop (of news) that he should be called the ice cream man. MLW didn’t want a lawsuit from Holliday’s lawyer/father, so the Dynasty will be allowed to produce the next episode of Fusion. The lineup will be Gino Medina vs Septimo Dragon, Hammer defending the National Openweight Championship against Aerostar, and MJF & Holliday getting a tag title shot against the Von Erichs.

Richard Holliday vs Savio Vega

Savio Vega brought the Caribbean Championship with him. That belt represents all the Caribbean people. MJF sat in on commentary. He noticed the resemblance of Vega to Kwang. (Kwang was a masked character played by Vega back in 1993-1995 for WWE.)

The bout had a brawling style. For the finish, Vega missed a spinning heel kick when a running Holliday held on to the ropes. Holliday booted Vega in the face then hit him with a twisting slam to win.

Afterward, Holliday snatched the Caribbean Championship. He claimed he would have his lawyer/father make the bout that just occurred a title match. That would mean he is the new Caribbean Champion.

Promos, part 2

Davey Boy pep talked Pillman after that earlier ambush. Davey has his back. Don’t worry about Contra’s foot soldiers. The game plan remains the same. The Von Erichs entered to also offer support. Ross wanted to give Pillman scouting tips from his match against Jacob Fatu. Pillman didn’t know if he was ready to face Goliath, so he gladly accepted the help.

Killer Kross hype video as the king of evil. Heck yeah!

News. LA Park returns soon. MLW agrees with Myron Reed that officiating needs to be better, so they will be grading the referees. MLW’s supershow with AAA in Mexico is scheduled for March 13.

Atout asked Mance Warner for his take on the Dynasty. After a couple of beer sips, “Assholes.” Mancer handed a light beer to Atout then split.

Ol’Mancer ( @ManceWarner ) getting straight to the point with @AliciaAtout #MLWFusion

— Major League Wrestling (@MLW) February 9, 2020
Zenshi was interviewed in the hallway. He went to the ring against Garrini to have a clash of styles, but Garrini used unsportsmanlike tactics. Zenshi wants to find his zen, however, the only zen he wants is revenge.

Heavyweight Championship: Jacob Fatu vs Brian Pillman Jr.

MLW played the roll call of former champions. I always love that little touch to hype heavyweight title fights. Time for the tale of the tape.


Josef Samael was ringside with Jacob Fatu, while Pillman went solo. Fatu bulldozed Pillman to start the match. Pillman used his speed to rally, but Fatu was too powerful.

.@SAMOANWEREWOLF catches @FlyinBrianJr mid air and drops him with a swinging Uranage!#FatuvsPillman#MLWFusion on @beINSPORTSUSA

— Major League Wrestling (@MLW) February 9, 2020
The finish had all kinds of extracurricular activity. In the back, Contra’s Death Squad appeared to use a cattle prod to zap Davey Boy. The Von Erichs were right there to kick some Contra goon butt.

Pillman was on a roll with a superkick, forearm blow, and a flying crossbody. Fatu then ran into the ring post when Pillman evaded. Springboard clothesline by Pillman. Pillman climbed the corner for a flying maneuver. That’s when Kotto Brazil and Jordan Oliver of Injustice appeared ringside with intentions to distract. Pillman took it to them with a flying crossbody down to the floor.

Myron Reed ran in to clock Pillman with his loaded chest protector. Pillman was rolled back into the ring. Fatu hit a handspring moonsault. 1, 2, Pillman kicked out! Fatu finished Pillman off with two consecutive springboard moonsaults to retain the Heavyweight Championship.

Episode 96 of MLW Fusion was another enjoyable experience with solid matches, amusing promos, and story development. MJF and Mance Warner stole the show with their promos. They were silly in a good way. I’d love a promo duel of caffeinated MJF with drinking and thinking Mancer.

The main event was tainted by shenanigans, but I’m okay with it. Let’s be honest. We all knew Brian Pillman Jr. was not going to win the Heavyweight Championship on that evening. The interference by Injustice was done in a way to give Pillman some shine. He looked good by having momentum against Jacob Fatu and having heart by kicking out of the handspring moonsault. Pillman’s future is battling Injustice. Their appearance and interference from Myron Reed adds fuel to that fire. I look forward to the continued build toward the eventual Middleweight Championship bout between Reed and Pillman. All these attacks will give it a big bout feel.

One question I have is if Brian Pillman Jr. ever be safe from ambush attacks when entering the building. Davey Boy Smith Jr. may need to lend Pillman the services of Matilda’s kin. I’m sure a bulldog could sniff out any troublemakers lurking in the area.

Richard Holliday stealing the Caribbean Championship from Savio Vega is an interesting twist. It will give Holliday his first singles feud and a chance for him to take a step up to replace MJF’s star power. I’m curious how it will conclude. I assume Vega will get that belt back somehow, but Holliday needs to come out on top.

In pro wrestling, I never liked the spot where a referee calls for medical assistance to inspect a wrestler in the middle of a contest. That is only done in real fights for low blows, eye pokes, or to examine a deep cut. It doesn’t occur on the account of pain or injury. It is lame in pro wrestling, because it creates an unfair advantage of recovery time for the person in pain. For that reason, I fully support Dominic Garrini’s actions to finish the match. I also fully support Zenshi wanting revenge, although, he seemed a little wimpish complaining about Garrini. The eventual rematch should be exciting.

Alicia Atout is awesome. Great hire by MLW. I really enjoy her facial reactions and quick wit to play along with what is being said, such as calling Alexander Hammerstone the ice cream man and wondering where Ole Mancer got that light beer from.

What was your favorite moment from episode 96 of MLW Fusion? How do you anticipate the Caribbean Championship feud playing out? Do you prefer caffeinated MJF or drinking and thinking Mancer?

MLW Fusion airs on beIN SPORTS and PlayStation Vue Saturday nights at 9 pm ET / 6 pm PT. New episodes are posted on YouTube Saturdays at 6:05 pm ET. Fusion is also broadcast in the UK, Ireland, Israel, and Africa.

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