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MLW Fusion returned from the Melrose Ballroom in New York City with episode 70 featuring Alexander Hammerstone defending his National Openweight Championship against Savio Vega, the name reveal of the newest Contra Unit member, a Dynasty gift train, and Teddy Hart’s cat sniffing butt.

On to a recap and review of the show...

Bestia 666 vs Rey Horus

Fun fact: Both Bestia 666 and Rey Horus are members of a faction called La Rebelion Amarilla in The Crash promotion. Bestia is considered the leader, while Horus was a newer addition as heavyweight champ of The Crash. Other current members include Black Danger, Mecha Wolf 450, and Hijo del Fantasma, who seems to be moving on to bigger things very soon.

This bout was a slower style of lucha libre contest. Top highlights include a suicide dive from Bestia, a tope con giro by Horus over the corner ropes, and a standing Spanish Fly by Horus.

For the finish, Horus climbed the turnbuckles, but Bestia put his weight against the ropes to cause Horus to lose balance. Bestia picked Horus off the turnbuckles for a muscle buster neckbreaker to win.

.@Bestia666tj with a BRUTAL Valagueza!#MLWFusion on @beINSPORTSUSA

— Major League Wrestling (@MLW) August 11, 2019
Salina de la Renta lost a client

After Bestia 666’s win, Salina de la Renta entered the ring for a promo. She declared herself the greatest promoter in the history of professional wrestling. She went on to insult Konnan about how he still has her iPhone. “You’re a gangster, right? I would think you would be more of a man and less of a bitch.”

Hit Konnan’s music. Konnan revealed some damaging information he learned from her phone. Salina planned to sign Savio Vega, but Konnan busted her scheme of pocketing the title fight bonus that should have went to Vega. Konnan implied that he dropped the dime to Vega. Vega came out with a Promociones Dorado contract in hand then ripped it into little pieces. Salina stood in the ring and screamed as Konnan did a shoulder shimmy on his way out.

Chugga, chugga, gift train!

What does @The_MJF have in store for @alexhammerstone and @MostMarketable in this weeks 'Lifestyles of the Rich and Dynastic'?#MLWFusion on @beINSPORTSUSA

— Major League Wrestling (@MLW) August 11, 2019
On the latest episode of Lifestyles of the Rich and Dynastic, Richard Holliday, still in his smooth pink jacket, drank a martini as he enjoyed the amazing city view from the penthouse that his father purchased with money from closing an orphanage. All of a sudden off screen, MJF vocalized chugga, chugga locomotive noises. Alexander Hammerstone and Holliday became excited. All three shouted, “Gift train!”

To celebrate all the gold (championships) they have in MLW, MJF gave them each a gold Rolex watch. Of course, MJF had to take a shot at Teddy Hart by saying he couldn’t read time. They continued the jokes by saying Hart is moping around a crack house or under a bridge. MJF stated in a dry snobbish way, “Oh god, it’s so funny that he’s a terrible drug addict.” Hammer got emotional over the gift as the three hugged.

Kissing butt and brown-nosing

The Hart Foundation returned with another episode of H2tv.

Teddy Hart, Davey Boy Smith Jr., and Brian Pillman Jr. were in a hotel room with Teddy’s cats. Pillman spoke about how he was born to wrestle, while MJF was born to kiss ass. The camera panned over to see ‘felinious’ brown-nosing as Mr. Velvet was nose deep in Sir Caspian’s butt.

H2tv transitioned to Smith and Hart helping Pillman practice moonsaults on the hotel bed. Hart demonstrated how. Pillman tried again, but he felt cooped up by the walls that prevented him to fly.

The fourth member of Contra Unit’s death squad, Ikuro Kwan

The Contra Unit cut a promo about MLW’s snitches following them to seedy locations in Asia. We were introduced to their newest member, who made an appearance last week to spit mist in Marshall Von Erich’s eyes. “A pit fighter who has fought in the slums of Singapore. A man who has fought in the tar pits of India. A man so sadistic, he has burned men with coals. A man who would become the feared underboss of ??? (some word I didn’t understand and can’t figure out how to spell). All the way from our Asian post, the fourth member of our death squad. This is Ikuro Kwan.” Kwan removed his mask and stared into the camera.

Marshall Von Erich health update

Kaci Lennox interviewed Ross Von Erich and Tom Lawlor. Ross informed us that his brother, Marshall, is seeing an eye specialist after the attack last week from Ikuro Kwan. Ross seemed shaken up, then Lawlor blurted out, “Contra!” Lawlor had a mean case of the crazy eyes. Lawlor and the Von Erichs will be going to war against the Contra Unit.

Ole Mancer has a chainsaw

Kaci Lennox interviewed Mance Warner about his game plan for taking on Promociones Dorado. Warner brought in the white board. He asked Lennox to draw some trees. Warner then carried in a chainsaw. He already cut Salina de la Renta’s boys down. Now, he’s going to pull their bloody roots out.

Josef Samael & Simon Gotch vs Jay Sky & Ariel Dominguez

The Contra Unit bludgeoned their opponents. Simon Gotch suplexed Ariel Dominguez then Josef Samael slapped on a Camel Clutch. After Dominguez submitted, Samael took out a railroad spike and jammed it into Dominguez’s mouth. Gotch added insult to injury with a piledriver to Dominguez.

National Openweight Championship: Alexander Hammerstone vs Savio Vega

National Openweight Champion Alexander Hammerstone was accompanied by MJF and Richard Holiday. They remained ringside to wiggle their asses to the salsa beats of Savio Vega’s music.

This bout was on the slower side. Vega used veteran savvy early, but Hammerstone gained control after Vega hurt himself running into the corner. Hammerstone hit a powerslam and a pump kick. After a missed flying missile dropkick from Hammer, Vega was back with one of patented backward kicks. At that point, Holliday hopped onto the apron as a distraction while MJF removed the turnbuckle padding. Hammerstone shoved Vega into the exposed steel. That led to the finish with Hammerstone’s Nightmare Pendulum that looks like it broke Vega leg.

.@alexhammerstone With the Nightmare Pendulum!#MLWFusion on @beINSPORTSUSA

— Major League Wrestling (@MLW) August 11, 2019
After Hammerstone’s successful title defense, Brian Pillman Jr. ran through to steal Hammer’s maroon leather jacket. The meat castle gave chase to the back.

Episode 70 of MLW Fusion was light on wrestling and heavy on promos. Bestia 666 vs Rey Horus was a quality match. The others not so much. This show was carried by entertaining promos. Mance Warner is always a hoot. Tom Lawlor with crazy eyes was memorable. Konnan besting Salina de la Renta is always good for a laugh. The Contra Unit is badass when they speak. There were also cool visuals, such as Ikuro Kwan in the Contra video.

CONTRA (@SAMOANWEREWOLF @JosefSamael @deviousjourney) introduces their fourth solder... Ikuro Kwon#MLWFusion on @beINSPORTSUSA

— Major League Wrestling (@MLW) August 11, 2019
The main event between Alexander Hammerstone and Savio Vega felt a little lackluster in action. On the plus side, it was cool to see Vega for that legend pop, and the Dynasty provided minor comedy on the floor. On the down side, the match itself was kind of dull, and the finisher was not pretty. Credit to Rich Bocchini for selling it like Hammerstone trying to break Vega’s legs on purpose. That turned an ugh into a laugh for me.

Bestia 666 picked up another strong win. Commentary made a point of mentioning that he is undefeated in two MLW bouts. After victories over Warner and Rey Horus, I’d like to see Bestia compete against Teddy Hart for the Middleweight Championship. That would be an intriguing contest.

The Dynasty’s gift train was the highlight of the show for me. I love how giddy they got. It was amusing to see the Dynasty living in luxury then seeing Teddy Hart with a hole in his sock during H2tv. The impromptu cat demonstration of brown-nosing was hilarious. Mr. Velvet is a team player. The Dynasty and the Hart Foundation are a perfect pair of rivals. Their differences truly bring out the best in each other. For example, while the Dynasty is sipping martinis and cherishing their gold Rolex watches, the Hart Foundation is sharing a small hotel room with butt-sniffing cats. Both are entertaining in their own way, but the scenes become even better when seen back to back.

What was your favorite moment from episode 70 of MLW Fusion? Did you enjoy the return of Savio Vega? Where do you think Bestia 666’s undefeated streak is leading?

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