MMA fighter taps out while winning

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Just Kevin, May 21, 2014.

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  1. Amateur MMA fighter Mike Pantangco lost in extraordinary fashion recently. Pantangco appeared to be teeing off on Jeremy Rasner during their Prison City Fight League bout when he kneeled down and tapped out, signaling his submission and forcing the referee to step in and hand the win to his opponent Rasner.

    According to statements given to Axs TV, Pantangco began to feel sympathy for his opponent and so he opted out of the fight.

    "I just feel that there's no point in fighting him because he didn't train against me and I didn't train for him and I just feel like we're amateur fighters. We don't get money. We don't get paid," said Pantangco in a heavy accent.

    "And I know that the only thing [that'd happen] is him to go to the hospital or get hurt. I just feel terrible so I'm just going to give him the win."

    Watch highlights of the fight below.

    Do you agree with Pantangco's decision to give up rather than attempt to finish his opponent or do you think it was bizarre behavior?

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  2. I actually agree with what he did.... his opponent was getting beat.. he landed several big blows.. the dude just didn't look ready at all.

    Better that than the feeling you get after hospitalizing your opponent for no reason.. I agree that without the money factor there what was the point of hurting him?

    Good sportsmanship!
  3. Good guy Mike - but why the hell are they not being paid?
  4. Because they are amateurs?
  5. That would have been the perfect moment for that one guy to make an impact. Beat the shit out of the other guy for giving up. Fuck Mike.
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    I'd call him a pussy for not just beating the shit out of the other guy, but I think tapping out when he's obviously owning the guy is probably more embarrassing. So props to Mike for making him look like a bitch.
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  7. Yeah I mean tapping out because you're owning the guy and don't want him to suffer from further damage while they're not being paid is the smart move. Granted Mike's opponent probably kept getting up when he should've stayed down, kudos to the loser in this case :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  8. Huh, interesting, I like how the guy who was getting his ass kicked is like "what are you doing?" when the other guy taps out. Saving your ass a beat down, thats what haha.
  9. Absolutely genius. He got a grip of extra eyes on him and he really gains from this loss. Think of how many sports writers are watching him beat the shit out of the guy just to see the last few seconds where he taps. He did the right thing and one has to assume he will benefit from it and then some.
  10. Dude has some versatile striking for an amateur. I think he made his opponent feel 100 X more shitty by doing this... I realize he is trying to be a good sport but he made the guy feel like a punk ass bitch I am certain. He is an adult and if he didn't want to get his ass kicked nobody was forcing his hand. Maybe he is the Rocky of the amateur MMA circuit and he gets his ass beat for 2 rounds and then digs deep and pulls wins out of his ass in the 3rd. Who knows, but I won't praise the dude for essentially embarrassing his opponent. Maybe the guy knew his limitations but he was just trying to toughen himself up by taking some ass whoopings. Whatever the case I'm sure he would have rather have gotten stopped than won the fight like that, so I can't give the "loser" props. If it were THAT bad the ref would step in and stop things.
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