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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Solid Snake, Mar 9, 2014.

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  1. Is there anyway gif avatars can be turned off for people on cell phones?
    They freeze up the phone all the time.
  2. It does it for me as well, will get avatars removed on mobile.
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  3. Thanks :emoji_slight_smile:
  4. They don't freeze up for me on my tablet. Mind keeping that on for them unless both have to be removed?
  5. Recent statuses, latest posts, and everything else that contained avatars have been removed on mobile theme. You should notice a significant improvement in performance now.
  6. This didn't affect tablets though. Ah well.
  7. Are you using the responsive version of the desktop theme, or the actual mobile theme?
  8. Desktop theme.
  9. I've cached all the widgets and made a few other optimizations, should be a little smoother now.
  10. Erm, I think you misunderstood what I said. I meant that the original problem Brita was having didn't affect me as a tablet user.
  11. Oh I see. Well, it's gonna perform better now anyway.
  12. Might just be me, but it looks really weird without the avatars there. Now there is just a big gap.
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  13. I'll work on aligning that properly.
    Avatars have also been removed from member profiles, and under profile posts/recent activity. Lots more junk removed from member page too. Way more mobile friendly now.
  14. I can still see all of that in tablet, so that's good for me
  15. Yea nothing will be removed from the desktop theme.
  16. Oh cause on the desktop theme statuses are still missing. This only happens on my tablet, as I see them fine on PC.
  17. Checked the bottom of the page? The responsive theme just snaps out of grid mode and puts everything into one column, so the sidebar appears underneath all of the content.
  18. They're back on the side now.
  19. Mine never switches themes when I try to pick that option on my iPad (sticks to mobile version). Not sure what I would be doing wrong, but eventually I just said fuck it.
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