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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Pop Tatari, Mar 3, 2016.

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  1. The site is coming up in a really super zoomed state where I can only see the right side, I am using Iphone. This started last night for me and has continued to be a problem for me.
  2. I believe this is caused by long profile posts, it should fix itself.
  3. It's actually fine for me now, but it wasn't earlier. Fixed for you too?
  4. it is better now just a little bit on the left where the status section is a bit of the avatar and the list on names online above that is chopped off.
  5. I use the mobile site exclusively with apple products and it looks fine to me.
  6. It is working fine for me now. Thank you
  7. Having same problem exactly today
  8. Well, stop accessing the site via phone. :smirk2:
  9. How about you spin on this:finger::woo1:
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  10. Nah, I wouldn't wanna steal your mom's job, m8. :rollins3:
  11. Fixed now? It's certain status updates for sure.
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  12. And while we're at site problems, what's up with sigs, m8? They should be shown below every post, but I can only see my and Senhor's here in this thread.

    I have 2 posts in this thread (not counting this one), and one post has a sig below and the other one doesn't.
  13. Signatures show only once per user in threads.
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  14. OIC. I figured I'd ask since that did not use to be the case before.
  15. If I had it my way, signatures wouldn't even be a thing here.
  16. Yeah no problems now thank you
  17. Sigs are cool in my book. Please, don't make 'em go away, boss man! :emoji_slight_smile:
  18. I won't. Too many would complain.

    As for OP, I'll have this reported as a bug.
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