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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Danielson, Dec 9, 2014.

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  1. I don't understand why when i switch themes, nothing changes. Also, if I write a long post and notice a grammatical error and go back to change it, It's impossible for me to reach the end of the post/text/paragraph to continue. Is it just my phone or?
  2. You have to go to your settings and request desktop site. Already mentioned it to @Solidus
  3. ^ Yes, set user agent to desktop. I have a workaround coming though.
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  4. Which mobile theme you wanna use btw?
  5. I just was trying to switch it but it's not changing.. I am downloading firefox on my mobile to see if it works.
  6. Still need to set desktop user agent, regardless of browser.
  7. I was going to try them all to see what I like.
  8. Okay, will do. Thx
  9. Firefox is nice on Android. UC Browser is fastest but I don't use it because it locks down the home screen bookmarks, can't remove them.
  10. Okay, on firefox. Changed theme, saved, when it reloaded it said wwefmobile(same theme) Still not changing unless im missing something. Oh well, I was just bored trying to use em all nbd.
  11. You have to open the menu from top right and "Request Desktop Site". It will switch to the desktop theme automatically, and other theme selections will work too.
  12. Ok, there it is thx
  13. Update: works fine on Firefox but uc auto changes it to mobile everytime. No big deal, i like the additional info I get on whatever theme i picked. Ill roll with this one
  14. Which additional info?
  15. I get to see recent posts, quotes etc now. I had some wacky setting on my phone which automatically switches every website to a mobile them.

    I get the same issue if i go to and try to enable desktop though i just noticed. New phone so that's why I was asking if it was just me. This can be closed now, solved.