Mobile version problems.

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by GeeTeaIye, Jul 30, 2013.

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  1. So there are some things I noticed and thought I might point them out.
    1. When I click Home it logs me out.
    2. When quick-replying in a thread, clicking smilies takes you to the Home page
  2. I know about #2, probably an easy fix. As is #1. I'm on it after work.
  3. Thanks mate, you're the best! :happy:
  4. That hasn't happened to me and I use the mobile version. I've experienced some problems, but not those ones. Sometimes when I open a page in a new tab, it logs me out, but isn't a big problem because I read the threads one by one.
  5. Android or IOS?
  6. iOS.
  7. I'm on Android, there must be different problems.
  8. What device do you use? I can ask someone to lend me his Android phone and get here and see if I'd have the same problem. It may be a problem of your device
  9. Samsung Galaxy Mini
  10. That's a good cell phone. I can try to get a Samsung Galaxy 3 just to try out if the same happens.
  11. I mostly use my IPhone 4S on here, and when I try to use smilies, it takes me to the home screen aswell.
  12. I use my iPhone 5 and nothing happens to me.
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