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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Roi, Feb 9, 2013.

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  1. I think dat kid reported this already but could you please change the location of logout in the mobile version. It's under the notification and I usually log out when I wanna check them. You put it somewhere else so is not that easy to logout unwilling .
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  2. Are you using the normal mobile version or the tapatalk version?
  3. Normal one
  4. Second this. It's very inconvenient.
  5. Sorry, I forgot about this. I'll try get this done tomorrow if I remember.


    Tagging Xanth to remind me tomorrow.
  6. @Crayo - it's tomorrow. Or I could do this when I'm home.
  7. @Rodrigo - Is that better?
  8. It is terrible. Words outside the container. Move logout to the footer.
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  9. And it still clicks log out instead.
  10. Was doing it on my PC. Feel free to make it better.

    Edit: I meant I didn't have my phone handy to see what it looked like.
  11. I'm at work, I'll do it when I get home if you haven't already.
  12. This deserves a suggestion muffin award :testify:

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    Now seriously guys, it would be great if you work on that. Im sure Im not the only user who actually uses his phone/ipod for posting .
  13. I post from mobile all the time, I will work on it.
  14. Looks better now, did you modify it Solidus?
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