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  1. Could you please change the alerts stuff .
    It has a damn color that doesn't allow you to read the notification .
    Gonna get a screen shot .

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  2. Yes, it's frustrating. I have to highlight the text to see what notification it is. It was fixed before but hasn't been updated since Xanth broke it.
  3. I've applied some changes to the style, please let us know what you think.
  4. Awesome.maybe if u aliniate to the center... Cuz part of the box cannot be seen .

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  5. So tempted to just buy a brand new nice mobile theme.
  6. Yea, when I find that setting.
    It looks more squashed on your phone than mine though.

    We'd still have this problem.
  7. Regardless, this one is so ugly. It can't just be me that thinks that. I think a new mobile easy-to-use theme which is aesthetically pleasing would be a beneficial acquisition to the forum instead of a waste, but I bet it'd be rather expensive. I might enquire about it to a few MyBB people.
  8. I've always liked this theme. Very basic and minimal, perfectly optimized for mobile.
    I'm thinking that clicking "alerts" can go straight to the page, instead of opening a dropdown on mobile.
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  9. I've done this. Made the page it links to tidier as well.
    Someone quote me so I know nothing is broke.
  10. test
  11. Perfect.
    I've just made a few visual changes too. The list, for those interested

    - Moved navigation to the footer, made the text smaller and removed the grey background.
    - Hidden sub-forums on the index.
    - Changed thead colour to blue. (the background behind "Backstage" and "Professional Wrestling")
    - Made the very top smaller ( alerts, ucp, ect.)

    Feedback, mobile users?
  12. More:

    Removed avatar from threads (they were tiny anyway)
    Removed the grey box near the top which said "Author" and "Post"
    Removed the underline on usernames and reputation
    Increased the text size of "Warn", "PM", "Quote" ect on threads.
  13. More again:
    Removed attachment, subscription, and post options when making a thread. Same for posting a reply.
    I'll make profiles nicer some other time.
  14. Wow that's awesome. Nice job.
  15. thought it looked differant lol is it just me that gets the horrible black boxes
  16. Clear cache and refresh.
  17. Didn't do nothing :emoji_slight_frown:
  18. Can you screen shot where the black boxes are?
  19. Didn't work

  20. ^^
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