Mod or crew guys should NOT be MOD of the month!

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Apr 17, 2013.

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  1. Mod or crew guys should NOT be MOD of the month! @seabs has been mod of the month for 2 month but really not fair since he already a crew guy. Just said the truth. i think crew guy should be mod of the month that alreadymod power SO what the point!?​

  2. I disagree. If a crew member is a really great member for the whole month, I think they should be rewarded. Seabs is a great guy, anyway.
  3. did say he was bad guy. i said i don't fair for a guy who a mod already that has all mod power anyway it make no sense for him to win mod of the month b/c he going get the same powers he already has.
  4. Umm... members don't get any powers when you're awarded member of month.
  5. WHAT!? I though u get to mod for month!?
  6. Who the fuck told you that?

    All you get is this for your userbar:

    Member of the Month is an award for recognizing your activeness, thought-provoking and friendly posts. Nothing more.
  7. What Lady says is true Gohan. Becoming MOTM gives you no special powers, just a brightly colored userbar. MOTM stands for Member Of The Month, not Mod of the month. It's a way to reward the guy who does a lot for the site in terms of being friendly, producing good threads and overall being a good guy/girl.
  8. Nice response :obama:

    Yeah, I think this thread can be closed now lol.
  9. Ralbinated message: Suggestion has been denied
  10. You have to stop these Ralbinated messages and learn2automated.
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