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    I don't know if anyone else watches this show but it's freaking brilliant, one of ABC's finest and honestly one of the Big 4 channel's (Fox, NBC, ABC, CBS) best comedies these days.

    Family 1 (The "Normal" Family):
    L to R: Haley (Oldest Sister), Phil (Dad, one of the best characters), Alex (Youngest Daughter/Middle Child), Lucas (Youngest Child/Son), Claire (Mother)
    ^ This family consists of a hilarious father figure, a materialistic daughter, an intelligent daughter a son who likes to goof off and a mother/wife that likes to have fun but also keeps the family on solid ground.

    Family 2 (The "Gay" Family):
    L to R: Cam Tucker, Lily (Their Adopted Daughter), Mitchell Pritchett (Claire's Brother/With Cam)
    ^ Hella funny, I don't mind the gay aspect at all it makes the show that much better because they can just go so many different places with the dynamic of the show.

    Family 3 (The (Delgado-)Pritchett Family):
    L to R: Jay Pritchett (Claire & Mitchell's Father), Manny Delgado (Gloria's Son, Jay's Step-Son witch leads to him being step brothers with Claire and Mitchell and the other relationships with their kids that stem from that) and Gloria Delgado-Pritchett (Jay's Wife/Manny's Mom)
    ^ This is what I like to refer as the "3rd Heat" this family attracts many many different types of viewers; Ed O'Neill (Married With Children) as Jay is an amazing character and his humor definitely attracts older viewers. Then of course you have Sofia Vergara's sexy ass, while she can be quite annoying to hear speak sometimes... mmmmmhhmmmmmmm!

    Anyway if you haven't seen this show I totally suggest you give it a shot.. Ty Burrell aka Phil Dunphy the father in family 1 is such a great character, it's been awhile since I've laughed at a character like his!
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  2. I've seen bits of it. I've wanted to watch it, but can't force myself into it. I know there is like a gay couple with an asian baby?
  3. Yeah haha it's pretty funny, I never thought I would like the show but my friend let me borrow the first season on DVD and it was just amazing! I wish they would put all the episodes on Netflix or Hulu (only newest season) so everyone could have the chance to check it out in it's full.
  4. You know how many seasons are on Netflix? I'll literally go and watch an episode right now. (Probably not.)
  5. Never been that big a fan of it.
  6. I've heard that from a few ppl so you're not the only one :emoji_slight_smile:. Idk it gets a shit ton of viewers though and whenever renewal talks have come up it's been a no brainer instant renewal each time and now that I'm watching it I can definitely see why.. although that might be because I love mockumentaries! (I'd go as far as to put it on the same level as; Office, Parks & Rec, Trailer Park Boys imo)

    Zero over here in the US, I wish it was on there. :emoji_slight_frown:
    I could've streamed it if I wanted but I found the first 4 seasons brand new for $20 on craigslist so it was legit.
  7. Just searched Canada's Netflix. We don't have it either. :sad1:
    Torrent it is.
  8. One of my favourite shows. Love it.
  9. Adam DeVine aka Adam DeMamp from Workaholics has been pretty awesome in the 5th season so far :emoji_slight_smile:

  10. I watched most of S1, enjoyed it, but never go out of my way to watch more. Idk, its weird. Definitely well written.
  11. Netflix UK has seasons 1 and 2.

    I honestly can't work out the deal with which stuff goes on which countries Netflix.
    No Nurse Jackie on US, but 3 seasons on UK.
  12. He has Canadian netflix, which I can't remember if it is the best or worst selection for countries. I think best? maybe? idk
  13. I use US and UK, might try Canadian now though.
  14. Wait how do you choose which Netflix you want to use?
  15. Got the Mediahint extension in Chrome, I just google Netflix with either UK or US on the end.
  16. The show is decent, but nothing more, IMO. It feels very mechanical and contrived, rather than organic and natural. The chemistry is off, in fact, the gay couple seems to have the best on-screen chemistry, they are the best part of the show. Vergara has big tits, and that's about it.
  17. This is OT and random, but it is an ABC comedy, anyone ever watch Happy Endings? I absolutely love the show, great writing and the characters all have great chemistry.

    @SharpySandow ?
  18. I've only seen a few epis from the first season it was pretty solid, I haven't heard people talk about it too much other than it wasn't really appreciated for what it was.

    Damon Wayans Jr. is awesome though I remember him having a few solid moments from what I saw, I like him in New Girl.
  19. I haven't even kept up, guess it got cancelled after S2 then? Too bad. It was a smart take on modern comedy, didn't feel like the 'same old shit' so to speak.
  20. i think they got 3 seasons total but that all comes with the territory of going with 20+ episodes a ssn you get burnt out quick.
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