Mojo Rawley; Yay or Nay?

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Apr 9, 2014.

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  1. Okay so idk he's been getting an assload of matches since he debuted on TV with NXT, the fans seem to get really hyped for him although I mean when I watch it it's usually after the live showing and who knows if it's been edited or not.. anyway!!

    I wanted to get the WatchWrestlingForums community opinion on the guy himself..

    Personally I hate him almost as much as CJ Parker, imo his gimmick is lame and he's lame, moveset is lame, never been impressed by any matches he's had in the ring idk..

    Now it's your turn...

    Show your love for the guy or shit on him!

  2. I enjoy him personally and enjoy the theatrics behind it all. His finisher sucks though.
  3. I think Mojo is a young mold who needs someone like Flair or Slaughter to train him, his gimmick has a great fanbase at the moment but needs to add depth to his character
  4. I can dig it; it's all in personal opinion.
    I completely agree 100% about the finisher, I wonder what would suit him better.

    Hm, interesting perspective.
  5. I suggested here ----->
    That he get the Mark Jindrak Mark of Excellence finisher (Back Suplex Side Slam) That would suit him way better:

    This is the move I am talking about:
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    I enjoy him, he always brings a smile to my face and his Ultimate Warrior entrance is just fun to watch, haha. But oh boy does he need a lot of work before he's called up.
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  7. I guess he could be a new Ultimate Warrior. His ring ability seriously lacks
  8. I can't stand the guy's gimmick, but he looks good and he has some charisma. If they would build on his moveset (along with giving him a new finisher), yes he could be successful in WWE.

    That's why I voted "Yes", not out of personal love of the guy, but based on pure potential, of which he has quite a bit. He also has quite a bit of self-discipline (he was an Academic All-ACC at Maryland...that's saying something....and he has an MBA), so he's definitely got the tools to succeed in the WWE.

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  9. The problem, everyone agrees with, is the finisher. This is also a problem with Rusev and Paige.
  10. The Accolade for Rusev is okay but yeah I agree he could have a better one.
    and Paige at that one that she used on Emma at arRIVAL that looked .. alright I suppose.
  11. Paige needs to pick a finisher, she has what...3 now?

    Mojo Rawley will be a big star, I even see him holding the NXT Belt at some point in NXT once he starts doing some wrestling lessons
  12. I like him. I think he really should change his finish, needs to evolve on the move-set a bit, but nothing that can be worked on. The gimmick connects with the crowd at least, yeah, but it will get stale really fast.
  13. Trained to be someone pushed DOWN the card. He seems fun to watch but nah.
  14. That finish was great. The Scorpion Cross Lock is my favorite submission.
  15. I hate Mojo Rawley with a burning passion. Everyone >>>>> Mojo Rawley.
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  16. Fuck nay, don't like him one bit. I hate when people say he's gonna carry the company in the future. One-dimensional, boring gimmick. Repetitive moveset. Not my cup of tea whatsoever.
  17. He is green, he can build a moveset, add layers of depth to his character and then you'll be sipping the Mojo Kool Aid forev's
  18. Possibly, but he's probably my least favorite wrestler in NXT right now.
  19. I voted yes BUT he needs a serious move set overhaul. Ditch the ass moves bro. You look SILLY.
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  20. He be stealing from Rikishi
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