Moments when you thought TNA had a money guy but it didn't click after...

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by seabs, Mar 2, 2013.

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  1. This video inspired me to make this, whenever I watch this I see Anderson as someone with huge potential to draw, he has "it" here. Sadly he's stuck in the A&8s and things haven't turned out how I would have liked with him but this shows he has potential to be built into a draw.
  2. One guy really jumps out at me...

    Just found a random promo from the guy, he was always money. D'Angelo Dinero during his little push in 2010 was really entertaining, that guy definitely should have been pushed to the moon.

    Sadly, Anderson and Pope were both ruined beyond belief by Russo, and Pritchard doesn't want to bother rebuilding either guy.
  3. Pope vs Anderson should have been a main event feud for this year IMHO, they're both heavily influenced by Rock (Pope seems very close in STYLE to 98/99 Rock IMO) and Austin (Anderson has obvious homages to Steve) Neither are on the level of the guy they're working off but they're very good all the same. They should have both been built as mega faces from 2010 onwards before clashing at BFG 13 in their first encounter, Anderson as the champion vs BFG series winner Pope... Anderson wins after turning heel in Huge (TNA HUGE) moment.
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  4. I also got so much hope for Anderson a lot of times, especially his feud against Immortal. He was great in 2011 but then he couldn't continue...
  5. Nope, not anymore. Nothing can be done to turn him into a draw anymore. It's just that way. He's been turned many times, already won the big one twice, been feuding with main guys, major angles etc.

    Just can't see him being a major player for TNA, not anymore.

    But yeah, I agree with Pope and Anderson in 2010. They should've been built up as next TNA's Austin and Rock. They both got serious pushes, but those pushes got "erased" at BFG the same year.

    Dunno what happened, but they never recovered since. Not even Anderson, who won the title twice since then, but ya know, that wasn't it.
  6. It'd be difficult I agree but he just seems to have the mythical "it Factor" IMO. The perfect build would make him a star but it's a lot more difficult than it should have been.
  7. Yeah, more awesome promos from guess when - 2010 - what should've been the year of Ken Anderson:

    Owning JB is always a good thing.:obama:
  8. Gotta quote you again so in case you haven't watched this GOATness:

    I like(d) Anderson, but he's a mess atm.
  9. Yeah I remember that feud, the Lockdown match they had was great too. Probably Anderson's best TNA match IMO.
  10. Yeah I have to admit I was surprised when I first started watching TNA that Anderson was floating around the midcard. One of the best talents WWE had and I think the fact that even at my young, mark stage in the 'E I still found him awesome even as a heel. Seabs's post reminded me just how much I like him, there's only about a handful of guys on the roster atm that could cut a promo that great.
  11. Now my moment of the thread title:

    This was a money feud at the moment.
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