Kayfabe Monarchial Mistake

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  1. As the Precision show returns from break, the familiar interior of the Blade Bunker fades into shot. Among the numerous monitor screens showing various still shots of the vast city, there are three monitors occupied by different images. Instead of the city, every member of the newly formed Monarchy has their own screen. Buster Gates, Ryan Blake, and Anderson Vega, the three men that brutally beat down the Blade prior to the main event of Fully Loaded. Each man proudly holding up their championships. Seated in front of the monitors is the former TWF World Heavyweight Champion and superhero better known as The Blade. With medical tape around his waist and visible bruising over his arms and the small visible portion of his face, Blade looks anything but healthy. He looks into the camera with a determined look on his face and a vicious look in his eyes.

    "After The Blade's long absence, he had returned to the public eye after seeing the unjust behavior of the current World champion. In a mere moment, The Blade managed to put Buster Gates in a position that he hadn't been in. He had the upper hand. With a few blows and speed that Buster had yet to encounter. That alone was enough for The Blade to be put into a contest against the world champion. The Blade vs. Buster Gates for the WWEF World Heavyweight Championship. In an event that The Blade anticipated the use of underhanded tactics, not even he could imagine the ultimate disrespect that was displayed by the so-called 'top dog' of this company."

    "The attitude displayed by Buster wasn't the shocking part, but the sheer cowardice put on display by him and his little villainous friends. Instead of facing The Blade like a man, he had to recruit the Iron Man Champion to dirty his hands. Cowardly. Buster considers The Blade an "insignificant runt, but is too worried to actually face him without any assistance. Could it be fear of having his ego and reputation demolished by someone smaller than him? The Blade, a person who overcame the torment he suffered from Jordan Bull, the man who dethroned Anthony Black as the United States Champion of TWF, he has been tasked once again with a challenge that he isn't supposed to overcome."

    "The Monarchy will fall. Whether it be Buster Gates, Ryan Blake, or Anderson Vega. Whether it be for the Iron Man, European, or World Heavyweight Championship. Whatever the match or event may be, The Blade will bring down The Monarchy quicker than it rose. Though he's not at 100%, The Blade will stop at nothing until The Monarchy falls.."

    With this parting line, Blade stares into the camera with the same look of determination that he always had in his eyes. Slowly, the screen fades to black, ending the footage.

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    It feels great to write for ol' Blady again.

    I'm coming Buster...

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