Monday’s Post-SummerSlam WWE Raw Rating

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Aug 20, 2013.

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  1. Expect the ratings to drop now that Cena is gone football season is around the corner.
  2. inb4 WWE gets desperate and they bring back Cena as the hero
  3. This is now tough for me. I'm going to be watching the MNF games over RAWs most likely and WWE is just starting to get good. I wonder what else they'll pull out to compete with NFL.
  4. Stop me when I get to a game you feel like you can't miss:

    Philly/Washington (decent)
    Houston/San Diego (gross)
    Pittsburgh @ Cincy (ugly game at best)
    Oakland @ Denver (massacre)
    Miami @ New Orleans (massacre)
    Jets @ Atlanta (fucking gross)
    Indy @ San Diego (two MNF games for the Chargers? lmfao)
    Minny @ NYG (hahahhaa OK)
    Seattle @ St. Louis (actually not bad)

    point being this MNF schedule slurps dong
  5. True... Some of them I may not watch but around the beginning of football season I'm always addicted and try to catch every game.
  6. Well, it was up then, good for them.
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