Monday’s RAW Draws Strong Viewership Against Very Stiff Competition

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Jan 9, 2013.

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    Fuck me I'm good. Holy shit.
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  3. A live show, and the promotion of Rock's appearance, plus the fact that they saved him for the last hour, worked very well. I also heard they moved the TLC match to match the game's break time or something, very smart move.
  4. Wow! I'm surprised by the ratings. This was one of the better shows in months. The Rock's and Punk's promo was epic.
  5. Punk = ratings.
  6. I'm glad the ratings are back up. With The Rock's return and quality matches I really enjoyed it so I'm glad more people tuned in this week!
  7. After two taped shows and with Rocky returning and the RTWM kicking off this is no surprise.
  8. The Rock is the Great One for a reason.

    I'm more interested in what Rock does for Smackdown's ratings on Friday, considering they're never as great as Raw's anyway.
  9. The Rock can make ratings shoot up just like that.
  10. Good draw, glad to see that WWE was able to keep people in for that 3rd hour. It was smart for them to hold the Rock in until the last minute. I think they should be drawing 5's, they have the ability to do it.
  11. You said I was wrong about them getting close to 5 :angry:
  12. If we were to round it, it's closer to 4 than 5

    From - 1 Senhor - 0 :pity1:
  13. 4.6 in rocks hour, rounds to 5
    Senhor - 2 From - -1
  14. I'm actually surprised it did that well with the BCS game going on. Never under estimate the power of the rock. Shame on me
  15. Wow, that's actually dope. Well done there sir.
  16. Interesting. Good for them to piggy back on Rock.
  17. Next week is most likely going to topple this as well.
  18. Thank you Rock. - WWE
  19. The Great One tearing the house down like no one else can. #TeamBringIt
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