Monday Night Football

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Extraterrestrial, Dec 10, 2012.

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  1. New England Patriots vs. Houston Texans


    Who's watching?
  2. Word bird. Ill plan on being around.
  3. Should be a good one.
  4. Yesterday I put together a ML parlay ($12 to win $120) and the first two teams (STL & Dal) both won, leaving NE... So I went ahead and hedged the bet... bet $30 on Houston +200 to win $60..

    so basically if Houston wins I am up $60 minus the $12 I paid for the initial parlay, and if NE wins I am up $120 minus the $30 I bet on my Houston hedge

    gambling 101 kids, take notes. Minimize risk... and any time you have a chance to turn your odds of winning to 100%--- do it. At that point it turns from gambling into investing
  5. Might as well make it worth your while. Have a guy at work who ends up about 200 up weekly by small betting in groups. Not a bad idea.
  6. I was down big with a dwindling bankroll after the MMA debacle Sat. night but crushed the NFL card yesterday. Wound up ~$230 up, and that's before whatever I add on from tonight's guaranteed earnings. So basically I'm looking at around 300 or more for week 14. Far from the norm, though.. this is my most profitable NFL week since I started doing more serious wagering a couple of months back.

    I always thought sports gambling would be easy (or at least easier than it is) so to anyone who thinks otherwise I implore you to try it yourself and find out just how 'easy' it is
  7. Vince Wilfork is such a beast
  8. haha Houston hahahhaha Tom Brady says "what defense"
  9. Houston's defense is truly terrible since they lost Cushing.
  10. Patriots 42
    Packers 42
    Jags 37
    Lions 31. Yeah that defense is a little fucked going into the playoffs.
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