Monday Night Raw 01/30/2012 - Youtube HD - Watch it!

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Zamorakian, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. List of uploaded YT Videos by the Upload team:

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  2. Awesome. Will like & comment :emoji_heart:
  3. So is this going to be the links thread?
  4. Should be?

    Okay the video is uploaded guys, link is in the first post!
  5. Sure this could be the links thread. Post them here and I'll update the OP.
  6. Great upload, I would like if I could remember my YouTube password. I'll create a new YouTube soon and start uploading, aswell.
  7. No problem guys be sure to promote the channel by subscribing, commenting and liking that'll help bring in more users.

    There we go you lovely people. Watch it before the FBI busts me for copyright.
  9. Edited thread and stickied.
  10. :laugh:
  11. RE: WWE Smackdown 3/02/12 Part 8/8 (HQ)

    :blush: Check out Friday Night Smackdown 3/02/12 this part was the match of Randy Orton and Wade Barrett, a very epic match.
  12. I'll buy everyone ITT a WWE DVD of their choice if Brock Lesnar interrupts a boring Taker/HHH staredown tonight by F5ng both of them and then announces he will be ending Takers streak at Mania
  13. Lmao I'd be too busy marking to care about the DVD.
  14. I don't think that'll happen but it'd be pretty cool.
  15. I believe Taker isn't going to be there tonight...