Monday Night RAW 17/9/12 Live Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Arrow, Sep 15, 2012.

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  2. Looks good. :obama:

    This show depends on the NoC fallout so we'll see tomorrow.
  3. Thanks! For some reason, Photoshop would not let me erase the RAW logo.. pissed me off :/

    I have the thread layout .psd now though, so let me know if something needs to be added or changed :emoji_grin:
  4. Chock full of recaps and pointless bs feuds. Calling it now.
  5. EDIT: I see a couple errors I have to fix. Probably do it in the morning. :boss1:
  6. *address.
  7. Yeah that was one of them.
  8. As Hoss said I can't say much about the show before watching NoC, but I hope it's a good show. Not watching live.
  9. Hopefully we'll on be on here tomorrow discussing the NoC fall out will be good.
  10. I hope so. I can already see the traditional hate if Cena wins the title.
  11. Oh god, please don't mention Cena winning the title... lol. I won't post hate. I would just be annoyed. :lol1:
  12. I won't post hate but I'll also be annoyed. But there'll probably be hate.
  13. :lol1:

    I don't think he'll win the title, I think there could be some interference via The Big Show?
  14. Nah, Punk will retain with Heyman interfering I think. Please, please, end this Show/Cena feud. If that's still around, I mean.
  15. I was thinking more along the lines of Show interfering costing Cena the title therefore joining Punk's/Heyman's stable?
  16. Maybe... I just don't want to see Big Show anymore but if he joined the stable it'd be OK I guess...
  17. If he joined the stable he would be a enforcer. Keeping him relevant but making him un-relevant from most title feuds. :boss1:
  18. I know, he'd be the muscle. Well, as long as he jobs to Ryback before WM I don't care.
  19. Ah I forgot about that. Yes, He would have to job to Ryback. Because Ryback is :boss1:
  20. I wonder if Ryback can hit his finisher on Show.
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