Monday Night Raw 2/4/2012 Discussion thread.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by seabs, Mar 31, 2012.

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    When is it on?

    United States: Live, Monday Night, April 2nd, at 9/8c on the USA Network
    United Kingdom: Tuesday Morning, April 3rd, at 2AM on SkySports3 & SkySportsHD3
    To work out the UK time use this if you wish to watch live

    American Airlines Arena
    Miami, FL

    What to expect:

    Fall out from Wrestlemania. ​
  2. I predict this and the draft to be one of the best RAW's in 2012.
  3. Can't wait to see the debut's of Ambrose and Seth Rollins!
  4. That's happening on RAW? ^^
  5. Maybe they are? Maybe they aren't?
  6. Why do HHH, Flair and Orton seem to be having a moment too gay even for wrestling in your sig?
  7. Ambrose to bury HHH tomorrow. #IWCDreams
  8. Hater...
  9. 10-Man Tag Team Match

    John Cena/Randy Orton/CM Punk/The Big Show/Sheamus


    Mark Henry/Kane/Chris Jericho/Cody Rhodes/Daniel Bryan
  10. Better be good.
  11. Sounds like a big bowl of crap.
  12. I have actually never seen you discussing wrestling with us especially in the live discussion threads.
  13. I don't watch much, but I'll try and involve myself a little more.
  14. Levi has school, he doesn't stay up like the rest of the UK hardnuts on here.
  15. Not for the next two weeks.
  16. You watching wrestlemania aswell levi?
  17. Yeah, but got a couple of people coming round too so might not be in the discussion thread.
  18. He has no one coming over, trust me.
  19. It's probably Ben and Jerry who he has coming over

    Show Spoiler

  20. :laugh:!
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