Monday Night RAW Rate Thread March 30th, 2020 (super official version)

How did you feel about RAW tonight?

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Jeffry Fucking Mason

WWEF President & Outlaw Admin
LDW Management
Hello everyone and welcome to the go home edition of WWEF Rate RAW! Y'all know what to do if you watched the show. Let's hear all about what you thought about the last RAW before Wrestlemania!

-Biker Taker is back to cut a sweet promo in response to Allen Jones. He talks about how everyone was better in the Attitude Era. HE SAYS HE'S GONNA MAKE AJ FAMOUS! FUCK YEAH!

-Becky Lynch arrives in her big truck because she is Stone Cold and she needs to do things like that. After the break she does a short promo which leads into this week's full length edition of Watch this Wrestlemania Match Again, which is the main event of last year's Mania, complete with Joan Jett entrance for Ronda, awkward finish, and everything.

-Vaping is still allegedly bad

-Becky was watching the match the whole time and cut another promo after it ended. After she finishes talking, Shayna grabs her and chokes her out, then powerbomb swings her into the announce table. Poses with the belt, then commercial.

-Aliester Black continues his hatred of wrestlers in EVOLVE by making quick work of the talented Jason Cade.

-Street Profits and Kevin Owens come out for their match. Angel Garza and Zelina (drool) come out; Zelina has a microphone and says Andrade is injured and can't compete, but she has a new person that will be replacing him tonight. Out comes Austin Theory. So it's gonna be Dawkins, Ford, and Owens against Garza, Theory, and Rollins. Owens pins Garza with the Stunner to pick up the win for his team. Immediately after the pin, Rollins hits KO with the Curb Stomp.

-Preview for The Big Show Show and this looks like it's gonna be everything I could have hoped for and more.

-5 minutes later after commercial break, Kev is still selling the effects of the Stomp, sitting on the mat against the ropes, with a microphone. He cuts a killer promo, responding to everything Seth said last week.

-Good work Papa Johns. Your advertising worked, that $6 Papadilla was worth every penny and then some. Highly recommend.

-Edge cut a backstage promo and it's as good as you'd expect from Edge

-Asuka gets in the ring and cuts a weird promo, then has a match with Kayden Carter. After a couple minutes of toying with her opponent, Asuka gets the submission victory by making Carter tap to the Asuka lock

-In a flashback to "earlier in the day" Charlotte randomly attacks Rhea Ripley

-In our second full length PPV Watch it Again match, we go back to Survivor Series to watch Rey Mysterio face off with Brock Lesnar. This match was also very good, and is a good reminder of how awesome Brock can be when he brings his A game. Drew vs. Brock has potential to be very very good if Brock wants it to be.

-Brock Lesnar stands in the ring, more menacingly than ever, while Paul Heyman puts over Brock, McIntyre, and their Mania match with one of the absolute best promos he has ever cut.

As a special bonus feature, please take the time to watch the following video in order to be further hyped for Wrestlemania:

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