Monday Night RWA - 4-20-2015; Be Sure to See..

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Nice Person, Apr 17, 2015.

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  1. A) The Authority will come out and tie their shoes.

    B) The Big Show will get an enema..

    C) Bray Wyatt will 'give himself to Jesus,' and get a haircut, shave, and bath.

    D) A.J. Lee will come back with Beth Pheonix as a new tag team, wiping the floor from all opposition.

    E) Triple H will **fire** Seth Rollins "Abbott & Costello' security guys.

    F) Kane will cmoe back, mask, outfit, and all and do the Macarena..
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  2. Let's enjoy it, dammit!
  3. I Fkn Love RWA! Raw is pretty cool though but Real Wrestling Action is where it's at ! :letroll:
  4. I'd love to know which poster on here is behind this alternate troll account.
  5. I would say lol, if this was actually funny.
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