monday night wars 2.0

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Gav back in the championship, Dec 18, 2012.

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  1. if in a few years tna became as big as wwe and was moved to the same timeslot on a monday who do you think would come out on top and would impact and raw improve?
  2. You can't really tell.
    TNA won't get popular for pretty much not promoting their product at all. I kinda blame their network, but that's just my opinion.
    And if they did ever get to WWE's caliber, of course they would have to retaliate.
  3. Ideal world we'd have TNA, WWE and ROH as the top tier of companies all at a similar level all competing for fans. Could only improve all three.
  4. ROH is in desperate need of a better, prime time, time slot. They could easily compete with TNA if they had a chance to impress some viewers. Sunday nights at 11pm EST is nuts.
  5. I think that's just for us. :dawg:
  6. All of North America. Its fine for people on the west coast. Not for anyone on the east coast.
  7. If TNA became successful and popular and then moved to Raw's same timeslot, of course it would cause WWE to lose some viewers, in which case Vince would pull a rabbit out of his hat and then probably whoop TNA's ass. But I don't see that happening any time soon. Besides, something Jeff Jarrett said is true - with Tivo, you might not have that whole 'switching the channels back and forth' mentality that you had in the late 90's.

    I don't ever see another Monday night wars, nor would I care. Even if TNA became competition, I see them staying on Thursdays.
  8. Well, naturally, if they get to WWE's size and then move to Raw's timeslot on Mondays, yeah, it'll be a war.
  9. WWE would beat TNA without question because TNA doesn't have the financial backing to seriously compete with them. WWE is already established and too far ahead in the game for TNA. Maybe if someone rich came along and put tons of money into the company, but other than that, no.
  10. Doesn't Panda Energy (Dixie's dad's company) fund TNA as it is? And they have a shitload of money. I think that's literally the only reason they're still kicking. The danger is that they might eventually get fed up with funding a company that never makes a profit.
  11. Panda has tons of money yes. And the thing is TNA is turning profit. Panda helps funds TNA as long as they turn a profit. And the move to Thursdays has helped TNA somewhat as well. TNA is doing fairly well but are also spending less.
  12. Which is why they'll never be able to compete with WWE. When the biggest stars want the most money, there's only 1 place to go.
  13. It's apparently not enough money otherwise the whole demeanor of their show would be a lot different from it's indie house show feel.
  14. Could be they don't want to spend too much as they want to cut back as much as possible. I like the whole feeling of the Impact Zone, even though I don't really watch TNA. Until they get a bigger audience, I think it's only wise that they stay there.
  15. I think TNA learnt a lesson about spending after the whole Hogan Bischoff, Flair paycheck fiasco.
  16. Vince never loses.
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