Monday's Raw Draws Worst Rating In 15 Years

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Oct 23, 2012.

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  1. :lol1:
  2. :lol1: Vince is gonna go into panic mode
  3. someone's about to get fired.
  4. Vince probably had a heart attack.
  5. It was my mom's birthday Monday. Must be a national holiday. :haha:

    I was at my mom's so didn't watch the first hour.
  6. Holy shit that's bad.. Vince gon be pissed!:vince:
  7. Okay, Vince: Cena was there this time. So were you. What's your excuse this time? The debate? If you really think the debate will hurt your viewership, then why are you solely catering to a demographic that won't watch it? MNF? You've beaten it before! Do it again.

    Take a look in the mirror, Vince, and fix the problems, starting with 3 hours.
  8. Well duh! the program was shitty, football was on, and there was a presidential debate on as well.

    I'm glad WWE might be panicking because it means we get better programming, it just needs to be consistent.
  9. hooray
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  10. Cena and Vince were there, what are they going to blame it on now?

    I wonder when they'll realize that nobody watches it because it caters to kids when it's in an adult timeslot, and that the storylines are stale as fuck.

    I hope their sponsors break loose of them and they turn into what WCW was, losing millions a day until' the network pulled the plug. Maybe then they'll finally realize what they've got right now is shit.
  11. There was also a big baseball game. My home team made it into the World Series that same night. :yes: Missed the first two hours of Raw, lol.
  12. :lol1: Rock to be back next week. Nah, he won't, but I'm sure Vince will go into panic mode.
  13. Probably, you know, the presidential debate and big sports games...

    This week was never going to get good ratings, it just shouldn't have got the worst ratings of the year. As I said, I bet we care about it more (for some stupid reason) more than WWE. If it continues next week then yes, they're still in deep trouble.
  14. wait. those can affect the ratings? I thought only the viewership.
  15. Wouldn't a lower viewership affect the rating, aren't they connected in some way?
  16. I'm not 100% on the Neilson rating system but take this seems to insinuate that viewership does matter:

    "Nielsen ratings are the audience measurement systems developed by the Nielsen Company, in an effort to determine the audience size and composition of television programming in the United States."

    You can't get a 6.0 with 1000 people watching, so yes I think it does effect the rating.
  17. ok but 3.58 mil is still a large number. they had even lower viewership on Oct 1 and got a little bit more better ratings than this one so it might just be the product itself and this whole 3 hour thing.
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