Money in the Bank Contact Idea if Crayo give ok!

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Jul 9, 2012.

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    Money in the Bank Contact Idea if Crayo give ok!​

    Ok I have an idea for a MITB Contact as you all know we have a bet moded on WF.Net now. So I was think that who ever can goes the winner of the SD MITB and or World Title MITB WHATEVER u like to call it? The person who picks the winner wrestler get and upgrade of some kind like the old rules Crayo has is that if you win and have no upgrade you get a free Superstar upgrade if you are a Superstar alreally you become a Legend. But how about if you win a bet and your a Legend already. You can get a decount on a group. Like Said I wanted 35.00 one if I win the mitb bet I get the 35.00 Level Group for 25.00? And if I won another i get another decount if we do more 1 bet? How about Crayo does that sound good? Bet me in this contact if you can?

  2. Hao bout, no?
  3. Comon now how would not like that deal if the shoes was on the other foot?
  4. So to clarify, have it so Legends can get discounts on groups if they win the bet?
  5. And if you lose, you'll pay $10.
  6. Best idea ever even though i dont know what you said but it still best idea ever!
  7. :dafuq:
  8. Is it weird that I support this?
  9. I was just about to ask Randy, what if you lose? What do we get?
  10. From your history with Randy, yes it is.
  11. If your Legends like I am and said I win bet against you as MITB PPV If we want to buy the 35.00 Group we can get it for 25.00 instill your still get money. And if someone chices to get the 25.00 one the get it for 15.00. and if that win bet and chice to get the 15.00 group that get it for free. Your still making money b/c more people will if that can win bet and get highest level 10.00 cheater. I know I would if I can get for a discounts. But mostly you would ownly let us do it were we can only 1 discount on winning bet. but getting a bet win and making a level 3 group packape go down from 35.00 to 25.00 may help in getting more people to buy group.
  12. But I see it as users entering a bet for the chance to get a discounted group, but not actually buying one if they lose. The whole point of bets is to lose something if you don't win the bet. For example, if you lose an upgrade bet you have to pay for the upgrade. This group idea is good but if there's nothing in return it's just a free chance to get a discount on a group which some users have paid full price for.
  13. If we lose the person has to pay. The 35.00 like u sopost normally like are WM28 bet were you have 35.00 for it does mean you have to paid right away but u can't bet on a group anymore if you lose. This alway why I think we should do the SD MITB match for this bet b/c that 7 people so 7 user could win that are legend.
  14. :hmm: I like it, I'll offer that then when I make the betting thread.

    Good suggestion Randy :yay:
  15. Thank! Do I get suggestion award now?
  16. :facepalm1::facepalm1::facepalm1::facepalm1::facepalm1::facepalm1:

  17. :dawg: i nominate him for suggestion muffin
  18. Suggestion award is for multiple accepted suggestions but nice try :isee:.
  19. :upset: Oh Well It would worth try.
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