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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lockard 23, Oct 27, 2012.

  1. I used to be of the opinion that the MITB concept should have it's own PPV (as it currently does), as I like basing an entire PPV around a somewhat interesting concept such as this one. But I personally feel they should go back to having it be it's own gimmick match at Wrestlemania every year. Have just one match, with six guys in it (eight seems like too much), and the winner can challenge for either championship for up to a year. I also had this idea that the contract would actually state that it isn't just for the world titles, but for literally ANY championship, even the tag titles - the contract would state that for the tag titles, you have the creative freedom to choose your own partner and challenge the tag team champions. But upon thinking about this for five more seconds, I realized that if you could challenge for the world titles, then of course you're not gonna bother going for the lower titles, that's stupid. So never mind that.

    Anyway, point being, when you have only one MITB match and that match is at Wrestlemania, it makes it feel more special. When you can challenge for either championship, it makes it more unpredictable, as you never know which title the MITB winner might go for. And since there's a lot of guys on the roster and the WWE usually wants as many guys as possible to get a Wrestlemania paycheck by putting them on the card, the MITB match gives an excuse to put guys who otherwise might not have a proper place to be on the card (like the 10-man tag match at WM28 did this year.)

    So, in my view, they should get rid of the PPV and just have one MITB match annually at Wrestlemania every year, with the winner being able to challenge for either the WWE Title or the WHC title over the course of a year.
  2. I see your point. Particularly, I don't really mind whether it's at Mania or it has its own PPV, although at WM it would seem more special. I do like the concept of the guy being able to challenge for both titles with one briefcase, then you'd always have a certain doubt, now you know which guy challenges who when they win the match... not as good as only one briefcase. On that I agree completely.

    And MITB is a pretty good way to shove midcarders into WM, since their midcard storylines are normally lackluster and this match doesn't need much build.
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