Money in the Bank Money in the Bank poster 2012.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Source: PWMania

    So sucky. Unless PWMania have done something wrong here, but doesn't this look more like a magazine front?
  2. That's a magazine cover.
  3. That's the image on PWMania as the next promotional poster. Lmao.
  4. They lying or some random poster they made.
  5. 8/10 for the idea, I can see what they were going for, but 2/10 on the execution. Weaksauce
  6. Kinda like
  7. I say the same as Dolph's. Like the idea but horribly executed. Looks like a 8th graders photoshop work.
  8. I'm with Dolph's and Stopspot. Could've been a really smart poster but they let themselves down design wise. Plus Del Rio being on it automatically makes it dull.

  10. You'll annoy Dolph with this post lmao :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    IMO Del Rio has a really marketable look.
  11. I'd tag him but he's got his stupid can't be tagged gimmick. Anyway come at me bitch!

    Del Rio does but his character is fucking boring. Someone on another forum had an amazing idea which was they should have made him rich by being a drug dealer. Seriously, how much more interesting would that be!?
  12. Anything anyone says can make Del Rio more interesting. He just needs a face turn.
  13. If WWE put any effort into Del Rio's character he would be fine. He debuted and had those vignettes and it was okay. But over the past year + he doesn't do anything pertaining to being rich other than coming out in a fancy car during his entrance. He needs something to work with, it's far from his fault that the crowd doesn't care about him. He's working with scraps and doing what he can.
  14. Dunno what to say than L-A-W-L-Z.
  15. You can't use that argument with Del Rio. He's won too much to not be over. Some of it his fault, but only because he can't play the gimmick WWE has given him which sucks.
  16. He's working with scraps when it comes to his gimmick and the promos they constantly send him out to cut. He's won, but winning doesn't mean people will care about you. If your promos or segments are boring and redundant most fans aren't going to care about your matches.

    But I've had this argument too many times before. If people want to place the blame on ADR it's fine with me. If they want to say he's boring, cool. I like him, and will always like him. I'll stand firmly by my stance that if WWE knew wtf they were doing he would be able to shine. Giving him the same promo to cut every night while being pushed to the moon was a recipe for disaster, and it is reflected by his lack of crowd reactions.
  17. I also like him. He's charismatic, he has the perfect look, perfect size, relatively decent on the mic for a foreigner and is fantastic in the ring. The gimmick he has does suck. But I do think anyone else with that gimmick would have got over by having some of the things handed to him like ADR has had.

    I'm holding out for a face turn :emoji_slight_frown:
  18. The gimmick has worked before, but guys like JBL & Dibiase were given a lot more in terms of storylines/segments revolving around the gimmick and had better material to work with in promos (not to mention more freedom). It's pretty well documented that for everyone but the top guys (Cena/Punk) that promos these days are scripted nearly word for word isn't it? I've heard it quite often. So I can't hold ADR too accountable if there is any truth to those stories.

    And you would think that WWE would be smart enough to change things up when they see he isn't getting over with the gimmick instead of just beating a dead horse.. "Uh, Alberto, come here for a minute. I know every night you cut a promo about your destiny and they already know your name and what not.. and it never garners any reaction. So tonight.. let's try it one more time! This will be the one where they finally boo you for being rich! Besides, you are Mexican! Wrestling fans hate Mexicans! Maybe throw in a wink this time. We are so cutting edge"

    I'm glad you like him though, most people are quick to just throw out 'BORING' when he comes up.
  19. They're definitely given less freedom I'm not sure if it's word for weord (like it matters for Del Rio's content) but I see your point. But regardless of mic time, winning MITB, cashing it in on a really really over CM Punk, Royal Rumble win, 2 time WWE champion, all in one year should get you reactions. It's a mystery.

    Though recently he's getting a bit more boo's so that's something to be optimistic about.
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