PPV Money in the Bank - Results


The Architect

Live from Long Island, New York

Match One
Yuri Williamson Sanic Sanic
Aaron Leon @CiV

Winner - Aaron Leon via pinfall

"Yuri Willamson fell short once again, as Aaron Leon hit two successful Frog Splashes to capture another victory over Williamson."

Match Two
Intercontinental Championship
15 Minute Iron Man Match

The Challenger
Tyson Blade @Electro
The Champion
Joseph Diamond @CiV

Winner - Joseph Diamond via 2 falls to 1.

"Joseph Diamond has proven himself as the true Intercontinental Champion, as he defeats Tyson Blade with no outside interference in this 15 minute Iron Man match. The final fall came in the final few seconds, where Joseph Diamond rolled Tyson Blade up to successfully retain his championship. What is next for both of these men?"

Match Three

Precision World Heavyweight Championship

The Challenger
Spencer Hyde @Reborn
The Champion
Will Neilson Sanic Sanic

Winner - Spencer Hyde via pinfall.

"He did it! Spencer Hyde has become the new Precision World Heavyweight Champion in a shocking turn of events, as he defeats Will Neilson here at Money in the Bank. Neilson did not go down easy though, and it took 4 finishing manueveres to put him down for the three count. After the match, Neilson shook the hand of the new champion, and congratulated him on his victory. This is truly a new era in Precision."

Main Event
Jack Rogue @Geek773
Antonio Stark @The Anarchist
Chris Young @impactking
Kyle Rayner Welsh-Wizard-97 Welsh-Wizard-97

Winner - Antonio Stark

"What?! Antonio Stark is Mr. Money in the Bank! After being low down in the card for what feels like his entire career in Precision, Antonio finally has the chance to turn his career around, as the briefcase will promise him a Precision World Heavyweight Championship whenever he wants. This is sure to change the landscape soon, and new champion Spencer Hyde might have to be on extra alert from now on."

Congratulations to all of the winners, the next Precision is sure to be a good one.

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