Money in the Bank Money In The Bank.

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  1. According to F4WOnline, what do you say?
  2. I really like this! With all the gimmick PPV's, Summerslam just feels really lackluster and dated. 'Mania doesn't really need the match, and since in the last two years they heavily promoted the main event and gave zero effort into building the mid-card. So if Creative is just going to do that anyway (as usual), why not throw the mid-card into the most extreme match WWE has to offer, and guarantee a great show?
  3. I think there is a problem with the big four recently.

    They've given a lot of attention to the Rumble and 'Mania of course, because they coincide with each other. Summerslam and Survivor Series don't have the same flare as they use to IMO. I think MiTB would help fix Summerslam to a certain degree, though. I hope they go through with it.
  4. Summerslam is going to be big this year if WWE puts money in the bank in it and the Rock is going to perform at Summerslam as well!
  5. I always liked MITB match, just like everyone else I think, and every intention to make it feel more special is great tbh.
  6. As long as it's a match where both brands can compete, and the briefcase means you can cash in on either brand then sure. Summerslam needs something. Rumble has the Rumble, Survivor Series has those awful elimination matches and Wrestlemania is just Wrestlemania.
  7. NO! Don't get rid of the MITB PPV! the past 2 year it been the BEST PPV OF THE YEAR! What that should do move it in Sept. then being the King of the Ring PPV back in June then have in July the TLC PPV. the have Summer Slam. B/c if WWE want Summer Slam to be the 2nd best PPV this would do it. b/c it would like the Road to WM have King of the Ring be the R.Rumble,TLC be the EC PPV and then the winner of the King of the Ring Tounment would main event Summer Slam against the Champion! Then have Night of Champion move to Dec. for any 1 who though I forgot about that PPV I did not!
  8. It was only the best PPV of the year last year because of the Cena vs Punk story-line, it's a gimmick PPV that shouldn't be there. MITB is a special match, save it for Summerslam.
  9. It was the best in 2011 and 2010 dude! 2011 was better but out of all the ppv in 2010 MITB of 2010 was WAY BETTER THE ANY PPV IN 2010! 2011 mitb was not get b/c of Punk mathc the 2 mitb match were great and Orton and chiran had a great until the retard ended to it other then that match was great to!
  10. Summerslam = The Intercontinental Title of PPV's

    I'm for it. I love the Intercontinental title and giving greater grace to that title is a check in my book
  11. I like the sound of this, I think MITB is a great concept but there should only be one case as it adds a bit more unpredictability.
    Having it at Summerslam is also a great idea in order to make the event feel a bit more special.

    Hopefully they change the MITB PPV to King of the Ring as this is something I've always liked and want to see be bought back
  12. Cmopletely agree. I love king in the ring, except last time it failed epicly with "King Sheamus".
  13. Yeah, dafuq was that? They proclaimed it as that some curse spelled on Sheamus. Poor guy, that was silly story tbh.
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  14. I don't care for this. I'd rather keep it as a gimmick PPV in July and I would also be all for having only one MITB match instead of two. Make it an intra-brand match with people from both Raw and Smackdown in it, with the winner being able to challenge for either title.
  15. What has always puzzled me if they wanted to make a PPV is why don't we have 6 matches during the PPV to choose the entrants? Or even have 3 tag team matches chosen in which partners are "random". They could make a PPV great but they just seem to want it as a normal PPV with the MITB's thrown in.
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  16. That really wouldn't be a good idea.The MITB isn't a main event match and having pretty much all (or most) of the rest of the matches center around just around qualifying for the MITB wouldn't be too interesting for the whole PPV. Plus the participants would be a little tired by the time the match happened.
  17. It worked for the king of the ring ppv didn't it? How isn't a ladder match to determine who will essentially become the next world champion not a main event match?
  18. Where would the WWE Championship match and WHC match and hopefully (like it should be) the tag-team championship match? I like the concept, but it's not really a big enough PPV for that.
  19. its a simple enough concept you have people paired together in "random" teams then you have 3 tag team matches were each winning pair goes through to the MITB match. It makes the match mean more because people have had to qualify, new teams can be formed from it and it could add to feuds by pairing 2 enemies together. You then have 4 matches including the Mitb so on a 3 hour PPV you could have the WHC, WWE title, tag and a mid card belt.

    If you drop the world titles out to help their credability by not always being on PPV so people have to work towards getting a shot by not rushing a story line. You could then have 6 singles matches (1 or 2 as squashes to build up a monster) 1 MITB 1 tag and 1 mid card defense.
  20. It's a neat concept, but in my opinion WWE and WHC match should be in the PPV because I doubt the MITB match is a draw like Royal Rumble is. Not sure the gimmick PPV can hold its own.