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Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by C.M. Shaddix, Sep 28, 2016.

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  1. WWE Ramping Up Interest In Buying TNA As Time Is Running Out On Company, WWE's Plans For TNA

    Report: TNA Has No Money To Put On Bound For Glory

    There are a few headlines if you want to get an idea, the point of focus is not WWE putting in a bid for TNA, the point of focus is much like Slammiversary this year, TNA needs funding for production THIS SUNDAY. Last time Corgan came to the save and kept the company afloat, i'm guessing there is a reason why he can't do it again? I'm not familiar with financial stuff but this is a legit issue, even Corgan admitted it in an interview. So what exactly happens if the clock hits zero and TNA still has no money? Is that it? Are they out of buisness or something? I'm not entirely clear how this kind of stuff works but apparently we are going to see some sort of big news this week if they get the money or not.
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  2. As of now still nothing, reported from 411 that Dixie is messing things up... Rumors on flight cancellations for next week's tapings which were suppose to happen are also being reported. (Google "TNA" it's all on the headlines) God knows what is actually happening.

  3. Despite all his rage
    Billy Corgan can't buy TNA...

    I honestly feel bad for TNA's wrestlers. They all have been doing their best and they have good talent and some former WWE guys have been successful there. But now, TNA is on its last breaths.
  4. Billy can fund the next set of tapings. But he wants more ownership in TNA (majority ownership, he wants the company) in return. Because he doesn't want to sit around and just churn money into a company that's not making money for eternity. He wants to buy it and overturn it to make it at leasy break even and then make it turn profit.
  5. I heard, but I am not sure what can be done. Even if Corgan takes ownership, the company has a lot of debt and the brand itself has created a bad reputation. If the company is rebranded, and Corgan takes ownership, it is going to be a massive hill to climb for TNA in the future. One I am not sure they will be able to manage. I kind of want to root for them, but hope is fading away and they may be more broke than Matt Hardy and Brother Nero combined.
  6. I think the rebranding has to be long term investment. Corgan and whoever he gets to help back has to be willing to take at least 2-3 years of losses before making money.
  7. I believe Corgan has the mindset to pull it off, he seems to have a good idea on what to do so he can pay off the debt Dixie made and build a newly named company.
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