Kayfabe Monster Mash

Discussion in 'Royal Wrestling Kingdom' started by Alex Jones, Aug 18, 2017.

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  1. Do not start shit with me. I am pissed. I was robbed, not once but twice by this place. If you want a fight. I am right here, but I should warn you. I am ready to unleash some hellfire on this place. If you accept then this will be a bloodshed. You will be the victims. You are the weaklings who will perish.

    Some tips for your survival. Don't mention my match at Democracy Rules. Don't mention Nick or my IWT Titles. And lastly, don't even bother trying. I have already been condemned to a defeat at the hands of nearly half the roster. Don't join them, don't take a timeless journey to Hell. Let's play this one by the books.

    I will be Van Helsing, and I will slay both you monsters. You will learn why it is I am the best. You will obtain a true utter sense of fear. A terror that will shatter your soul. I will beat you. Run or fight. They are the only options I will accept.

    Bring me your best. You are going to need it. Die a coward or die as a warrior with dignity. You will decide your fates on this day. Heed my warning. You do not want to piss me off too.
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