Month Of Wrestling Challenge

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Star Lord, Oct 7, 2013.

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  1. Month Of Wrestling Challenge
    Credit to Stopspot for the challenge.
    So in September Stopspot did the 30 days of September challenge where we watch 2-3 matches a day and review them, I want to do this again but slightly different.
    The matches can be from ANY promotion on this, May it be a closed promotion or a new one it doesn't matter.​
    To avoid just watching recent matches from Raw, Impact, ROH TV etc, The matches must be 6 months old before a review can be written on them so it means you can't just watch Raw and rate it and get off easy, Its a challenge for a reason.​
    This will start TODAY, It will last until the 10th of November. It gives people time to sign up and for eager people who want to get started ASAP like me can do it too. You can drop in or out at any time no questions asked.​
    Don't stick to one or two promotions, Branch out. This is one of the points of this challenge is to watch promotions you would not usually watch, Say you're a TNA and WWE fan, Why not try PWG or NJPW?​
    If you are taking known time off from the site let us all know so we don't wonder why you have not posted.​
    Here is the rating system:​


    Remember this is for FUN, If you stop enjoying it feel free to back out and come back at a later time.​

  2. If you are taking known time off from the site let us all know so we don't wonder why you have not posted.

    It's not a competition. :lol1:

    Hi I watch indie promotions I'm better than you.
  3. Hi im Jonathan, Im being a dick.
  4. Hi I do and yes I'm better than you.
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  5. Match: The Shield Vs Sheamus, Big Show and Randy Orton, Wrestlemania 29
    Promotion: WWE
    Rating: 3.5/5
    Comment: Solid opener, One gripe was even though Shield went over it didn't seem to make them look good, They were just destroyed the whole match and that if Big Show had broke the pin Shield would have lost.
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