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    -MONTHLY MAYHEM is a monthly PPV challenge i want to start. It will begin at WM30, and end at Elimination Chamber 2015.
    -Simply pick who will win each PPV match.
    -10 points for non title matches, 20 points for title matches, and 30 points for World Heavyweight Championship matches. (If draw, dbl dq, dbl co, 0 points)
    -Whoever accumulates the most points, wins.
    -I will make a post when all WM30 matches are finalized, then we can make our predictions.:yes:
  2. Will anybody play this? Let me know please, if not i won't do it.
  3. We already have an official predictions contest for each PPV
  4. Where? I'm new here. Don't know how to use this board.
  5. This.
  6. A few days before each PPV it's posted in the PPV section
  7. Yeah, he's right. Its a google forms document usually, same idea you had plus a few tie breaker questions. First 3 places get forum cash. Tell em @Delik
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  8. And that day, Jonathan didn't actually tell him.
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