Monthly Prize Draw

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Solidus, Jul 3, 2014.

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  1. I'm gonna start a monthly prize draw here. In this thread I want you to suggest prizes that you want, this can be money, games, gift cards, etc. You can agree or like a users post and I'll get the top voted prizes done first.

    There will be requirements for eligibility, but these are easily achieved.
    Prizes are given at random and you can increase your chances, I'll post the full details when I'm ready to get this going.

    Suggest away.
  2. Money pls.
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  3. Legend


    10 k forum cash

    Ability to erase neg reps

    Custom colored username

    2-3 sig images

    Unlimited username changes.

    A few I could think of but I'm sure legend members can already do half this.
  4. Money ($10-20, suggest doing this through PayPal).
    $10 Amazon/iTunes/X-Box/Sony Playstation -- Cards/Digital Codes
    6 Month Legendary Memberships (For those who are only under 6 mth/1 yr or no memberships).

    ^ Those are just "acceptable" prizes without "losing much money" IMO.
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  5. Anal from you
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  6. Free stuff is good stuff no matter what it is. Bomb idea.
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  7. Legendary upgrade or 6 month extension would be a good prize.
  8. Amazon gift cards would certainly be an appreciable prize to me. No other possible prize would please me more.
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  9. Get your own custom userbar.
  10. Physical items I actually purchase.
    You can be more specific too, suggest game titles instead of just "games".
  11. CoD Adanced Warfare - a lot of cod players on here
    GTA V
    $x Xbox Market/PSN gift card

    Maybe an Xbox One / PS4 controller, if someone's is damaged or they need another one but don't need a game?

    $x Amazon giftcard

    $x iTunes voucher

    Legend upgrade/upgrade in length

    Domino's vouchers
  12. :terry:
  13. amazon gift card seems easiest if you want to do money
  14. But I wanted a group. I'm out.
  15. Buy one then
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  16. Xbox Live could be pretty handy for some of the guys on here.
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  17. Or nominate cash and buy one with that.
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  18. Of coarse I want it free.
  19. I agree with Amazon gift card, but I like the idea of a monthly free game as a gamer. Of course people have different systems so buying it ahead of time would be kind of difficult. If it was an amazon card you could put it towards a game, so that seems like the best option.
  20. We should have a thread where the winners post pictures of their prizes.
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