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  1. moose
    The chants are growing! Moose... Moose… Moose! It appears with each appearance that the super athletic freak of nature is not only adding to his streak, but he is winning over even the toughest of fans. With each victory it becomes more likely that the former NLF Offensive Lineman is destined to be at the top of the food chain in ROH.

    Discovered by Prince Nana at an ROH Training Seminar, the monster debuted at Best in the World 2014 to a great amount of fanfare. Introduced by Veda Scott, it was questioned if he would struggle to make the adjustment from NFL player to Ring of Honor superstar. Slowly but surely, Moose would quiet those concerns. He defeated RD Evans at Final Battle 2014, putting an emphatic stamp on the end of their rivalry and effectively running Evans from ROH. At our 13th Anniversary Pay-Per-View, Moose not only defeated Mark Briscoe, but did so in impressive fashion.

    Moose has faced and defeated everyone put in front of him while proving the streak is very real. However, he has not received an opportunity at the ROH World Championship. This has to make you wonder why! What else does he need to do? What is going wrong with his management?

    As we all saw at the 13th Anniversary Pay-Per-View, Veda was not happy when Moose offered to shake the hand of Mark Briscoe. We’ve been told that she feels that Moose does not need to be a favorite of the fans, especially placating them and playing into the chants. She feels that shaking hands is the beginning of Moose going soft. She sees him as an unforgiving killer who no one in Ring of Honor can stop. Veda sees major money in Moose, which means the world to her.

    On the flip side of things, Moose brought personal friend Stokely Hathaway on board as his adviser. Prince Nana passed the torch to “Big Stoke,” who has the ability to see things with a streetwise hustler’s eye. With the shark tank nature of a professional wrestling locker room, Hathaway is exactly what Moose needs. Being personal friends with Moose allows Hathaway to give the ROH star a realistic perspective of his future and let him see things for what they potentially really are. It appears that Veda and Stokely have two different visions of where they see Moose going and this could potentially stall out the momentum of Moose.

    Veda is not shy about her love of the financial gain that comes with success, proven by how quickly she aligned herself with Moose after the split with RD Evans in late 2014. She firmly believes that Moose needs to realize this isn’t the NFL. This isn’t about being part of a team, this is all about individual glory. Big Stoke is not blinded by his friendship with Moose. If anything… his eyes are wide open. Moose’s streak of never being pinned or submitted comes with pitfalls. Those pitfalls include people looking to latch on to his success, all while looking to stab him in the back. Hathaway is trying to prevent that from the outside world and maybe even the inside of ROH.

    When will we see Moose challenge ROH World Champion Jay Briscoe? When will we see Moose challenge ROH World Television Champion Jay Lethal? These are the questions that need some answers.

    The fans of ROH are curious and so are we! It's time for Moose to get his chance to prove if his streak is manufactured and protected, or if he is destined for the greatness we all expect! Veda Scott and Stokely Hathaway need to look in the mirror, and then at each other, and ask if they are responsible for holding him back. Veda Scott is money hungry and driven to maintain the killer instinct of Moose. Stokely Hathaway is a laid back street hustler who wants what’s best for his friend. These two need to get on the same page for the sake of the streak and their most important asset, Moose… Moose… Moose!

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