More backstage segments.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 7, 2012.

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  1. These "backstage fallout" videos is just further proof we should have more backstage promos on RAW. They really help feuds build and help superstars get over with the casual crowd. Plus, it saves time from the 50 recaps we get from the "shocking" opening segment.

    Who doesn't want to see someone like Dean Ambrose cut a backstage promo? They're so different from in-ring promos, it helps add so much to feuds.

    Whilst we're on this note, they should also incorporate new feud-builder styles. Like the UFC promos. WWE's video package team is freaking incredible, so they make the most of what they get, but if you give them more it can be freaking fantastico! :emoji_slight_smile:
  2. I love backstage promos and arguments so I would like to see more of them in RAW.
  3. Count me in on wanting to see more backstage segments
  4. The backstage segments were the main things that drew me to NXT. How much fun were the backstage things during the Striker storyline?

    How much more effective would it be to have Kofi and Truth show some personality backstage instead of putting them in a random match?

    Yes. Bring them back, definitely!
  5. Count me in on the team for this one, as long as they are well cut, i dont miss the "watch the tv in the back and pretend like you don't already know whats going to happen.
  6. It's a great idea. Intead of tons of replays and useless repeated video packages, we get backstage segments that actually help develop characters and feuds. Awesome.
  7. They used to have a lot of backstage segments but now they're putting those on YouTube to get more views and make money from it.

    All those backstage fallout videos would've been aired backstage segments a year ago.
  8. Backstage promos were the backbone of the Attitude Era.
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