More bad news for Flair

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Crayo, Jun 26, 2012.

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  2. This is a sad state of affairs but hopefully will help bring attention to the fact that women can be just as violent as men and domestic abuse can work both ways as I had a mate who suffered at the hands of his gf but was to ashamed to admit due to the stigma associated.
  3. Bitches be crazy
  4. Hah, what a faaaaail. Getting owned like a bitch by your wife. That's a sad story.
  5. Wonder if he bladed.
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  6. Wooooo! Chop'em till death, woooo!
  7. I wonder what makes Flair stay with her. I bet that she does lots more stuff, just doesn't get caught with others. Ric should leave her ass, he'll find someone else, who wouldn't want to date a 16 time world champion and WWE Hall of Famer.
  8. Doubt he could afford a dirvorce :((
  9. Flairs wife makes him go from WOOOOO to OWWWWW in a few seconds.
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  10. Where did it say he got owned? She probably just went psycho hitting him or something. It doesn't say she knocked him out or anything. And a woman abusing a husband is actually just as common if not more common than a man abusing his wife, but it goes unreported much more often. Sociology class skillz coming into play, watch out kids.
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  11. Dolph's 100% spot on. How many men out there want to admit they got beat up by their wife?
  12. Cheers for this as as my post stated my mate went through this with his psycho ex and he struggled to deal with it due to the stigma associated with it that ur soft and pathetic if it happens.

    You'd be surprised it happens a lot more than ppl realise.
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