More Changes To Come From TNA?

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  2. Good to hear. Wonder what the changes could be?
  3. Really don't know.

    Hoping for a UK PPV, Sunday Night Specials on Spike, All Wheels Wrestling to finally debut, maybe another season of Boot Camp and/or Ring Ka King....
  4. All wheels wrestling?

    Maybe a new working relationship with a Japanese or Mexican promotion.
  5. Taking risks, good. Really looking forward to it. Curious.
  6. Don't forget the return of "ReACTION."

    (ETA the actual info.)
  7. A PPV in UK would be amazing for TNA preferably one that's in the summer. It's good to see them working things out and having a clear vision.
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  8. Yeah, that's another Jeff Jarrett's TNA project, a brand just like RKK was in India. It was hot in mid 2011, but never debuted on TV. It involved wrestling, car racing, and stuff.
  9. So an attempt at crossbreeding sports then? Like when Vince tried to get the XFL and that bodybuilding league going but instead combining wrestling with motorsport...that's a weird combo.
  10. Sort of, but not exactly what you think it was. TNA is doing reality TV now (Championship Thursday deliberations, Gutcheck, Boot Camp). TNA is doing wrestling/MMA crossovers (King Mo for now). TNA does a lots of other projects that aren't pro wrestling (Soccer Moms). It's not what Vince had in mind back in time, it's more of a trademarked TNA brands, that involve the wrestlers and such.
  11. In correlation with taking IMPACT on the road, TNA is advertising a job opening for an Advanced Promotions Marketing Manager. The duties include developing promotional campaigns for TNA's 80+ live events, getting sponsors, building relationships with local media and more.
  12. They need one badly, hopefully someone with experience.
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