More Details on Mysterio's Suspension

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Zamorakian, May 4, 2012.

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  2. Amphetamines. Not too heavy.:sad:
  3. Observer is unreliable, so I'm taking the "won't be pushed" stuff with a grain of salt.
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  4. Exactly. And yet people actually pay to those numskulls to report them crap.
    I'm not saying it's always crap, but most of the time. Everything they report or discuss has an unbeliavable SMARK ASS feeling to it, which makes it wtf.:pity:
  5. With all the young talent, why should Rey Mysterio receive anything more than a light push?

    His ring age is larger than is actually legs and knees are crushed M&M's by now.

    Outside international tours, he should be getting a reduced schedule, if that
  6. By a push I was talking about feuding with someone like Miz or Dolph, then putting them over.
  7. For the record, I wasn't take a shot at you, merely the notion WWE should push him at all.

    The best way for Miz to get better in ring is to align him w/a guy like Rey.

    He can remain a heel, but 'tweener'ing wouldn't hurt, considering Rey is as beloved as Foley (Rock n' Sock reference)

    We both know, Miz' biggest leap in improvement, came tagging w/Morrison so the template is set
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  8. I love the idea of a heel being aligned with Rey for the slow burn face turn, real slow though. Miz would be incredibly entertaining being forced to tag with Rey. He can take shots at him weekly, blame him for losses when it was Miz's fault, or gloat in victories when it was because of Rey. Can say things like "How are we supposed to succeed when I'm carrying this midget?", but eventually Rey gets double teamed, Miz comes to make the save. But I'd rather save that story-line for ADR to be honest, it makes more sense.

    Miz is the most over heel in terms of heat in WWE. ADR is incredibly talented but is getting zero reactions as a heel with his current gimmick, he'd be awesome as a face.
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  9. Ziggler going over Mysterio would (sadly) probably be his biggest rub ever. The matches would be highly entertaining as well. I'd be okay with that.
  10. Rey Mysterio is addicted and theres no helping him
  11. He should put someone over and retire, that's it. His knees have been through enough surgeries.
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  13. :pity:

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