More Details on No Way Out Concept

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Apr 13, 2012.

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  2. Wow they just figured out a way to somewhat make this PPV a gimmick one again.
  3. Straps, chains and handcuffs? Sounds like fetish porn.
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  4. Sort of fits the name I guess.
  5. Thought the same thing myself :laugh: :laugh:
  6. Don't they have enough gimmick PPVs already?
  7. Far too many. They shouldn't exist in my opinion, or maybe one or two a year like KOTR.
  8. Yeah. It makes you worry less about the feuds and matches themselves going into the PPV and worrying more about stipulations. If they were to have gimmick PPVs, should be KOTR, EC and the Rumble, not more. But maybe it's easier to book with gimmick PPVs, IDK.
  9. What a way to burn out stipulation matches even more.
  10. Don't think it makes it easier or harder, it just makes it pointless. Remember when cage matches and HIAC matches were implemented solely because of how personal the feud was, or in a cage match circumstance how one wrestler (normally heel) would keep worming his way out? Now it's just "Superstar X vs Superstar Y in a cage match", but why?
  11. Agreed, gimmick matches should be saved for the big blowoff match in a feud because it's gotten personal or whatever. Or because there's some other type of logic, such as how two guys fight but there's interference so a cage match is booked to prevent anyone from interfering. I think the reason they book gimmick matches so often is because they think it automatically will draw more than just a regular match but we're so used to seeing them (especially now with gimmick PPVs) that they don't seem that special anymore.
  12. I agree. Gimmick matches were used with a purpose storyline-wise before, with HIAC finishing off big, long rivalries, cage matches having that purpose of having the coward heel locked inside with the face whose life he made a living hell, or a TLC match between people with history in that stipulation. Today it's more like, hey, this feud has been going on for one month now, the next PPV is Hell in a Cell. HIAC Match! Or... well, here we are, december. Let's just have this TLC match with absolutely no reason. Today, they're just used to draw more attention, in theory. Sad.
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