More details on Rey's suspension.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, May 14, 2012.

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  2. Hey.. I just came up with this..

    A while ago, Mexican footballers were suspended because they failed their drug test.
    The story behind it, was some wrong ingredients in some meat, but it belonged to the meat.

    Maybe the same as Rey's drugs?
  3. I miss that little nigga. Ironically he's like 43. But he always seem like a little kid.
  4. Ugh. Could you please not use that word? Sry, but such words just seem unneccessary
  5. :urm:I didn't know what else to use. That little kid/boy/bitch/bugger. little nigga seemed most appropriate.:alone:
  6. Forgotten. I see you didnt mean anything by it. Happy posting!
  7. So WWE is actually enforcing the Wellness Policy now?
  8. Don't mean anything by it? Like a racial term? Motherfker, nigga. its just what you call someone. just like how some people say "that man" others say "that nigga or that motherfker" nigga doesn't mean racial, some people it does but no everyone. just something you call the person. "its ma nigga alberto del rio"
  9. I had an absolute genius post, and you talk about the n-word? :facepalm1: :upset:
  10. Everyone knows that certain diet pills have amphetamines in them.. people take them for energy all the time.

    Rey is either a dumbass if he didn't know this or a retard for not caring.
  11. Lol'd.

    I never knew this and it's normally my strong point. If you're not familiar with using diet pills how would you know?
  12. I honestly thought it was common knowledge. I've known a lot of people who take them for those reasons
  13. You might be right. Being from Cornwall means I'm probably 65% more retarded than the common man and then add another 20% retard for being from England. I just never knew this when I should have since I'm a nerd for these things.
  14. lmao. I guess it might be that or it might just be that I know way too much about drugs because of where I grew up.
  15. Let's compromise, I'm retarded, you're a drug-addict. :lol1:
  16. You're surrounded by retards, I'm surrounded by drug addicts. I haven't even smoked weed in 6 months :never:
  17. Surrounded by retards and drug addicts.. :facepalm:

  18. He should've been a little more careful with his pills, WWE is serious when the subject is drug policy.
  19. [​IMG]
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  20. Rey has been going for many years now, so he knows exactly what he's doing. With all the doctor's visits he's had, he's asked questions I'm certain of it. If he's playing dumb, that's kind of low of him.

    I don't know for sure, but I know he was close friends with Eddie and probably with Chris Benoit (sp) too. Either he's playing dumb or his awareness is way off for a man of his status
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