More details on TNA vs WWE lawsuit and El Generico

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  2. Different gimmick for Generico? :sad:
  4. 1.) It still blows my mind that TNA gave Generico a try out and thought "Eh, no thanks"
    2.) I expect by 'different gimmick' they mean a FCW/NXT gimmick? AKA he will be named Charlie Schaub and have no real gimmick or anything unique about his character?
    3.) wtf was TNA suing WWE about again? Something retarded I remember, but can't specifically recall what it was
  5. Some dude in the TNA offices got a job at WWE and figured if he brought some info on talent contracts (when they ended and such) he could get a quick promotion or extra money. WWE threw him out pretty fast.
  6. lol such a win/win for WWE and lol @ that retard.

    WWE gets the info, than throws that guy out as the scapegoat and says "see, we weren't on board with this shit at all. We canned that dummie"
  7. Seems to me like TNA should take that guy to court next.
  8. I think he actually got some kind of court order that he cannot work in the wrestling business for like five years or something. Cannot remember were I read that though.
  9. :downer: That'll suck. And they'll do it, I'm sure.
  10. Do you reckon he'll keep the mask?
  11. Or will he? I could see them unmasking him, honestly. Not saying it's what will happen particularly, but if it happens I won't be so surprised.
  12. Unfortunately, I don't see much of a future for Generico under a different gimmick, tbh.
  13. He needs to keep the gimmick.
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