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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Dat Kid, Jan 29, 2013.

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  1. I brought this up a couple times, but never as a suggestion. I was thinking if there was a way we could have like an IM discussion type thing for live discussions, that would also count towards are overall posts. It would be the equivalent of like Skype IM but on here, that way we can have the same sort of instantaneous chat, but stay on the site. I'm not even sure it'd be possible, but I think it'd be a cool feature
  2. Basically, you don't wanna have to refresh. Everytime there's a new reply, it automtically shows up like an IM style?
  3. Yeah, it's quicker and more fit for a live discussion
  4. That was one of the first things I suggested when I came here and started participating in the discussion threads.

    Can't find that kind of plugin. Looked everywhere..
  5. :downer:
  6. The best I can do is auto refresh, but it won't automatically jump to the latest post. The exact thing you are suggesting will crash my server, it's just too intensive.
  7. Refresh is the wrong word, actually. It would be an ajax reload, so new posts would just be displayed without a refresh.
  8. I know there's like these chat box can be posted via html, but the only thing is this runs on BB & it won't count towards posting.
  9. Exactly why Crayo won't want it.
    I guess we could try the ajax refresh, it'll be interesting to see how the server holds up.
  10. Cool :obama:
    It won't break anything right?
  11. Anon was gonna make something like this - kinda IRC style and the posts got added to the thread. That was until he got a job and disappeared.
  12. This is done. Under the New Reply button (only at the bottom) you will see "refresh". Let's see how it works.
    Someone reply here asap, I'll come back in a couple minutes and see if it worked.
  13. reply :neymar2:
  14. It worked, and it skipped straight to your post too. Perfect.
    What I'll do is modify it so it works only on live discussion threads, and auto refeshes every 30-seconds. If @Crayo wants this.
  15. Disabling this for now too. It's not needed right now, nor is it finished.
  16. I would rep you Solidus, but #Crayluminati blocks my love for you :lol1:
  17. Knowing is good enough for me.
  18. What about like a shoutbox/chat box on the homepage? You could have it open only during the shows.
  19. What's wrong with you? Do you want Crayo to ban your ass? :mad:
  20. Wow, nice one @Solidus

    I think 30 seconds might be too long though, not sure. Anyway, anything that improves discussion threads equals pure win.
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