More effort into Pyro, Themes & Entrances will help get wrestlers over.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. I seriously think they need to do more to differentiate entrances between wrestlers. They need to give them better themes, better pyro's and just generally improve their entrances, it really does help them get over. Ascension is a great example of that, it's not hard to do, their only excuse now for failing to do this is pure laziness.

    Anyone else agree or have more to add on?
  2. Yeah, many wrestlers have generic entrances, I guess some more variation and improvement would help. Although it wouldn't hurt if it happened along with better booking.
  3. I honestly don't really care, would it do harm? Absolutely not but the performer makes it not vice versa so priorities should be the booking.
  4. Of course booking is the biggest issue, but this is an issue nonetheless. We can reply to all complaint threads with "Yeah this sucks but they need to fix booking first" lol.

    Barrett is a great example of what a poor theme and gimmick can do to a really talented performer. Ascension had two average developmental wrestlers but looked a lot more interesting than Barrett solely because of the pyro/theme etc.
  5. Ascension looked like a cheap vampire flick imo, there entrance was cringe worthy.
  6. I saw the Ascensions intro a couple of times, what got me more was the music. IMO the theme is the most important part of an entrance. It's how to crowd identifies the performer. When you hear the glass break or you hear break the walls down, you instantly know who it is, and it hypes you up.
  7. Oh yeah, I definitely agree with this. Entrances are the first thing first-time watchers look at.

    As much as Jim Johnston is super awesome for making a whole lot of the wrestling themes, other artists would definitely be a big improvement, prime example would be Punk's theme by Living Colour. But of course, it costs money to use other people's music, so it probably won't happen a lot.

    Every single thing they do in the arena should hype people up, from actual wrestling, to entrances, to pyrotechnics.

    I'm still waiting for the Shield to repel from the ceiling. :boss1:
  8. I don't really see how it helps. Brodus Clay has a very good entrance, however he's still barely over. For awhile it'll help, but not in the long run.
  9. His entrance gets more of a pop then his in ring stuff though. :true:
  10. Because his entrance is too long, honestly.

    I think Crayo just means more exciting entrances, but more importantly also having it different than the other, because if all of them are the same, it loses the excitement factor.
  11. Eve Torres had Pyro...for a week.
  12. I agree it isn't hard to make an interesting entrance and WWE is just lazy in this aspect... just one of many easily correctable areas that can help improve the product that WWe seems uninterested in fixing
  13. Urm, his entrance got him like great pops in the early stages. It won't carry you for the rest of your career, but it certainly helps. Brodus' fall was a classic example of poor booking.
  14. It's something they need to look at for sure. Batista's entrance was one with the pyro that spings to mind that defo helped his character.
  15. IMO Batista's best entrance was the one at the end of his run. Sometimes less is more.
  16. Fair enuf I just loved his pyro where he used to do a gun like motion in time with it. Always pumped me up.
  17. I loved Batista's spotlight, something as simple as that is great.
  18. Either way, something was done. Our points are really the same. Do something different with the guys you want us to care about!
  19. I agree with this. I'll bring up Sin Cara compared to Rey Mysterio. As of now Cara can do more than Mysterio due to Mysterio's injuries (provided he doesn't botch), so you would think he'd be over when he does his entrance, but that's not the case. One of the reasons if obviously cause he doesn't speak english, but the other reason I feel is cause his theme is just to calm. If you listen to Mysterio's it's got this great build up, but Cara's is just kind of lame. It's like some magical wizard tai chi bullshit :haha:
    I think if they were to change it to something more epic and heart pumping it would help get him over more, not a lot, but maybe just a bit.

    I believe the same could be said with other superstars like Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel.
  20. Tyson Kidd's theme is bad-ass though. :sad:

    They just never show it. :upset:
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