WrestleMania More excited to post WrestleMania than Wreslemania!

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  1. Everything is quite predictable from now till WrestleMania, but I think things will be a lot more exciting, interesting and unpredictable after WrestleMania.

    Yes, I know that there is nothing exciting about John Cena walking around as the WWE Champion, but still, who will he feud with at Extreme Rules? Who will CM Punk feud with after WrestleMania? no one knows for sure.

    In addition, now we know that Brock Lesnar will stay in the WWE until WM31, and Rock signed a new contract to wrestle at WM30, things are really interesting and unpredictable.

  2. The plan is Rock v Brock at Summerslam or WM30.
  3. Speak for yourself. I'm pumped for this year's Wrestlemania personally.
  4. Think someone said the same thing last year.
    Turned out true also, lol.
  5. Still pushing for this:

  6. If the shield are at Wrestlemania, I'll watch other than that probably not this year :/ Rock vs Cena again, sounds about as fun as nails in my feet. the only way it could be worse is if Khali was in it too.
  7. it would be a very good match if both of them perform their best.
  8. Looking past the main events, the undercard for 'mania could be pretty strong. With Dolph/Jericho there as well as Del Rio/Swagger plus, I assume, D-Bry vs Kane, there could be a few really good wrestling matches. Plus The Shield may not be around post 'Mania, and they are IMO the best thing in wrestling at the moment.
  9. How? What exactly is so exciting about it?

    John Cena winning the WWE title for the 675th time?
    Triple H going over Lesnar and burying his momentum?
    Ryback destroying the Shield?
    Orton most likely burying Henry's momentum?

    I find some of the matches exciting like Del Rio/Swagger, or Dolph/Jericho, but they are just matches that you would see in any other normal PPV, they can't alone make me excited about a whole show that is considered as the Big and grandest stage of them all.
  10. - It's likely a triple-threat, so there is a possibility of Punk winning it again. It's less predictable than it was going to be and the build for it will be fantastic.

    - Momentum? Lesnar appears like once every 6 months, what momentum? I'm pumped for any Lesnar match, and who knows, he might win. We all thought HHH was winning last time, but he jobbed cleanly.

    - Ryback destroying a group I don't really want to stay together for too long? Sure. I like Ryback so anything that helps him is a plus. I mark for Ambrose, Rollins and I'm starting to for Reigns, so I'll be fine with them splitting up after a loss and admiring them in singles action instead. Again, the build will be great.

    - Orton has jobbed to Henry twice in recent weeks, I have no concern with Orton going over Henry. It's not even a certainty for a WM match yet anyway.

    All of that above I'm excited for, and all of this below I am too:

    - Dolph Ziggler vs Chris Jericho
    - Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger
    - The inevitable splitting-up feud with Bryan & Kane
  11. - Punk won't win the title at WM, lol wake up Crayo.

    - Lesnar appearing once every 6 months is the reason why he shouldn't job to H imo, if you have a guy who appears rarely on TV, you should make him look as strong as possible in the few occasions he appears in, if he loses to H at WM he will be 1-2 since his return, and if anything , him beating HHH at SS is a proof that he is jobbing, not a proof that he may win again.

    -I'm also a Ryback fan, but splitting up the shield by having them loss a 3 on 1 handicap match is ridiculous, especially that he wasn't able to beat them when 2 of WWE's top superstars were with him, so how will anyone take him winning a handicap match and beating them all by himself seriously?

    -I don't care about Orton anymore, but I do care about Henry, Orton has been doing random feuds for the last year and getting pointless wins, Henry needs the win hundreds of times more than Orton does.

    -As I said, I'm also excited about the 3 last matches you mentioned, but WM should still be about more than these 3 matches.
  12. Dude, you won't persuade me into not being excited for Wrestlemania. You asked me a question and I answered it; those points I made aren't really debatable as it's my opinion on the current likely card.

    But I can argue with you saying it's ridiculous that Ryback goes over. How? The Shield are going to split eventually and what better way than at Wrestlemania to put over the new #2 face of the company? It helps everyone involved. Though I still think they'll do another super-team type thing. Sheamus still has nothing to do at Wrestlemania so it's likely he will still be involved.
  13. LOL I respect your opinion, but there is nothing wrong with having a healthy discussion so stop acting like a little girl :testify:
    You know I love you :gusta:

    But I would definitely rather have a super guys team beat them than having just Ryback beat them, although I'll have to deal with the smiley Sheamus appearing on my TV screen yet again.

    Please don't tell me you are a Sheamoooo fan :aries:
  14. I despise Sheamus, so I love you too :gusta:.

    The match will be better with a super-team so I guess I'll prefer that. I just don't mind either way.
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