More guys added to WWE title MITB

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  1. I'm putting my money on Mysterio being one of them.

  2. Mysterio would be a good addition. :emoji_slight_smile:
  3. Good call on Mysterio, though I have no idea what other former champions there are. I'd say Miz but he's filming.
  4. :bury: <-----


    is it WWE and WHC? or just WWE?

    Take your pick :emoji_grin:
  5. [​IMG]

    Looking through the list... Randy Orton won't be back in time... Batista could come back, I guess... Maybe Kevin Nash LOL... JBL's busy... Won't be Taker... Foley could be there... They can always bring in Flair...
  6. Ugh delrio. ... probably..

    OMG. Bork is appearing tonight. could you imagine if he was put into the match?
  7. Sid was a former WWF champion, I doubt he'd be in but I guess it would be pretty cool to get one of those guys in. Although ADR and Rey would be my ideal choices.
  8. Is Ortons suspension up in time for MITB?

  9. His suspension isn't up until the 30th.

    this means his misses the 1000th episode?
  10. I can see leaner winning MItB... Cashing before WM instant main event!

  11. I think Del Rio and Mysterio will be added to the match. Both former active WWE champions. Lesnar or HHH somehow involved? Possible. I don't think guys like Foley or Flair will be there though.
  12. Mysterio would be a great addition to the match imo, as Leo says, Lesnar or HHH being involved would be interesting too.
  13. Del Rio, R Truth, I don't really know who else to put on there besides adding Rey.


    Scratch R Truth he aint a former champion hahah
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