More indie wrestlers signing to WWE?

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Crayo, Apr 19, 2013.

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    Who else?
  2. Adam Cole is very likely. And he will be a good signing, he has that special thing about him.

    Luke Hawx has worked a lot with WWE (jobber matches, dark matches etc) so I think he is WWE bound as well.
  3. Adam Cole needs to be a heel, the guy is a horrible face IMO.
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  4. I could see Swann or Ricochet be picked up possibly. Don't know if anyone of them are on the E's radar though. Also I think Gargano is WWE headed in 2014 when his DGUSA contract ends.
  5. I'd love to see him as heel in WWE, maybe as they had some matches in ROH, Matt Hardy appears in a match against him in NXT or something
  6. inb4 the indies are owned by WWE :cole:
  7. I personally want to see Adam Cole in the WWE. He is a great wrestler, and has the look WWE wants as well. I would say Kevin Steen because he's great on the mic and good in ring, but he doesn't really have the current look, even though he has the gut of Dusty Rhodes.
  8. Jesus the WWE is really forgetting the lube now it seems.
  9. Steen will most likely high up there list.
  10. Get Samuray Del Sol to replace Cara/Mysterio.
  11. I'd love to see Sami Callihan in there but the problem is they'll change what I like most about him. His gimmick and his moveset. Hopefully they'll keep the gimmick atleast and have him tag with Ambrose after the Shield is done with. Some other guys I could see getting signed are Adam Cole, Richochet, maybe Drake Younger. Maybe even the Young Bucks if WWE is smart.
  12. I don't think WWE would sign Steen since he's not built like a WWE wrestler.
  13. Neither is Generico or Punk or Ambrose or Daniel Bryan.
  14. I believe that they do. Kevin Steen looks overweight and doesn't really look like a wrestler at all.
  15. Steen needs to stay away from WWE, they will ruin him. I just think he fits in more with the independent circuit.
  16. I doubt Steen would pass their medical with how shot his knees are tbh, even if he did I don't see them investing in him overly due to that. Not to mention he's shaped like a letter b.
  17. I could see Steen work as the E as a trainer. But not as a wrestler. He has enough of a good rep for that. Like Del Ray.
  18. That still annoys me.
  19. Zandig has signed a contract with WWE, PWinsider has learned.

    To learn more about him, search "CZW Zandig is crazy" on YT.
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