More insight to what 3 hour RAW will be like.

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    Man this is a buzz kill. Why not MORE wrestling like TNA? Sigh.
  2. :haha: someone need to tell vince that a wrestling show needs wrestling in it
  3. Why oh why can't Vince stop admiring the shiny Twitter and Youtube logo, and focus on what his company is Wrestling. WWE: World Wrestling Entertainment
  4. That is lewd, lascivious, salacious, outrageous!
  5. That's great on paper. Fan interaction is always a good thing, and if they can use it as a way to push the guys that we want to be pushed, that's wonderful. Having short backstage segments with fan questions could be awesome, as long as the questions don't go to Sheamus. Social media can be great for wrestling if done right.

    But whenever you throw "if done right" onto a WWE article, it's a bad sign. So far the WWE Twittah usage has been nothing short of disasterous. Plus the audience is mainly casuals, and on one Viewer's Choice Raw the "fans" voted that Hornswoggle and Khali deserved a tag title shot. All of WWE's "fan voting" seems like a farce anyway, so whatever input we give them will be all for naught.

    The lack of wrestling doesn't really bother me, since there isn't much wrestling on the show now, and most of the matches that they have feel completely pointless. I'd rather see them pack the third hour with character development.
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  6. Not that fan decisions or anything will matter, whenver fans "vote"... Michael Cole vs Jerry Lawler happens with an exact 25/75 percent scenario. This will probably be more useless Social Media whoring to annoy us during the show.
  7. First half hour: Who loves who
    Next half hour: John Cena promo
    Third half hour: Santino
    Fourth half hour: horrible match ending in DQ
    Fifth half hour: promos and twitter
    last half hour: John Cena vs. (insert wrestler name here)
    Show Spoiler
    John Cena wins
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  8. ^ We don't need to read spoilers to find out John Cena will win.
  9. IT's for all the 6 year olds who might think their hero will lose :sad:
  10. :win::upset::burns:
  11. as if a john cena match will go as long as his promo
  12. never pedo raw will be more entertaining------------according to a bitch
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