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  1. A week ago, my son an I were hanging out at the store. We ha hockey that evening (he is goalie, i am coach). He mentioned to me that he wants his throat guar put in because I always end up hitting him in the throat during warmups... (Sorry)!
    That's fine. I had the guard at the store because we were going to paint it. Since it wasn't pained we decided that we can at least decorate it for shiggles!


    So we get to the game, he shows off the guard to my wife and her folks.

    Then it happens

    The first half was slow on his end. Facing only 12 shots in the 25 min half. (His league only plays 2 25 min halfs. I tell the team as we are up 2 -0. To keep it up. Defence wins championships.

    Half 2.

    Noah put on a clinic in net! Even with the equalizer rule in place. (If your up by 2 the opponent gets an extra player. Up by 4 you lose a player.) Noah put on a clinic in net! Making saves off of slippers up close, getting to rebounds he had no business getting to. The works! He only game up goals during 5 on 3 play. And those were to rebounds.

    This kid is going to prolly be goalie of the year an I couldn't be prouder of him.

    We won the Game 7-2. He stopped 36 of 38 shots in a game where his best work was in the second half.

    I was impressed!

    Gg kiddo!
  2. Nice to hear, sounds like you're a pretty awesome dad.
  3. Holy crap.. Just reread... Stoopid errors!
  4. I know right?
  5. Good for him, I feel the same way when I watch my daughter play soccer. The hardest part about playing goal is covering angles. If he has that down he more than 2/3 of the way there!
  6. Yeah, that was the last piece for him. I got him out of the habit over a month ago with awesome results
  7. What level does he play?
  8. He is 12. Inline hockey.

  9. Nice! Is he going into ice? Or is he happy where he is?
  10. So far he is happy. At 12 and not playing on ice... I think he is good with what he is doing
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