More Live News & Notes From Last Night's RAW

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  1. Credit: Mike Specian and PWInsider

    Before and during the show, WWE was advertising the new, the Stone Cold DVD, Top 50 Superstars of All Time, Bending the Rules and The Deadliest Catch on the TitanTron.

    There was a chorus of boos after the Stooges' backstage segment.

    Chants that may not have been audible on TV included "Natty Boh" and "Stop wasting beer!"

    After the beer bath, Punk walked backstage very slowly and deliberately, not out of injury so much as anger. The ring crew quickly pulled off the wet canvas layer to reveal a dry one underneath.

    WWE announced that they'll be returning to the Verizon Center for a Raw Supershow on December 29. At 10 a.m. tomorrow morning, you can order pre-sale tickets on Ticketmaster using the promo code WWEDC.

    After the show went off the air, Dolph Ziggler walked to the ring where Cena was recovering saying, "Don't go anywhere. I and these people have been waiting for me to come out here and end you once and for all. You couldn't get it done against Rock or Brock, and we're running out of Superstars, so I guess it's my turn."

    Cena takes the vote of the people and agrees to give him the first shot. Ziggler says to hurry up because he needs to catch a flight overseas. Without hesitation, Cena just grabs him and quickly gives him an AA.
  2. Tagging @[Dolph'sZiggler] for the rage.
  3. Its times like this I wish Dolph wasn't as awesome as he is. Like Jericho, Punk and Piper before him these guys are that good that the WWE knows they can use them as rag dolls and they'll not be damaged by it. Same thing is now happening with Miz also.
  4. I wouldn't mind if Dolph was relevant, but jobbing to Brodus & Santino makes me feel sick inside.
  5. Dolph jobbing to Brodus and Santino is just awful.
  6. Who gives a fuck anymore. Dolph won't get what he deserves in the WWE, it's becoming obvious
  7. Dolph should send Vince a bottle of Scotch and thank 4 being a wonderful boss. Who knows? It might work
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